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Trust the union movement to guarantee a sleazy start to the political year

1 February 2021

12:30 PM

1 February 2021

12:30 PM

Analysing and critiquing the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is one thing. It’s quite another insinuating that Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a murderer.  

While his popularity continues to soar, the feral pack of anti ScoMo warriors — including Their ABC, loud mouth lefties and whinging unions — have completely lost touch with the reality of his popularity.  

Not content with claiming the Morrison government wants to “reduce job security” and “cut pay”, the CFMEU have released an ad in which ScoMo’s head is superimposed to appear as though he’s driving a bus labelled “IR omnibus bill” over workers and smirking. It’s running with the hashtag #StopTheBus.  

Attorney-General Christian Porter this morning slammed the ad describing it on 2GB as “disgusting”. He said it should be pulled. 

“It’s one of the most shameful, insensitive… and disgusting pieces of advertising I’ve seen,” he said this morning. “I think this ad is a new low point in Australian politics.” 

Damn right it should be pulled.  

And yes, this is a new low.  

Broadcaster Ben Fordham said, “The unions that put their name to this despicable piece of advertising should be ashamed.” 

He too is correct.  

Albo, will you condemn it too? 

And Sally McManus? 

Every single moron who was responsible for the decision to make and release this ad should hang their heads in shame –- and, take a moment to remember how popular our PM is outside their teeny tiny echo chamber, which thrives on Morrison Derangement Syndrome.  

They may also like to take a moment to think about families who have lost loved ones in road accidents, although that will no doubt prove challenging considering reflection is not a strong point among our friends on the left.  

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