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Bastard Bill unfit for public office

25 January 2021

3:27 PM

25 January 2021

3:27 PM

Bastard Bill’, ‘Slithering Shorten’ — call him what you will — confirmed again this weekend why he is comprehensively unfit to hold public office.

His habitual treachery toward incumbent Labor leaders, coupled with his Trump-like obsession that only he holds the key to electoral success for the Labor rabble, render this two-time loser fit only for the political scrap heap.

Many Australians thought he was already there.

Bastard Bill’s (BB’s) futile, but entirely anticipated, attack on Labor leader Anthony Albanese in a speech at a book launch on Sunday was designed with a single objective in mind — to unseat his leader and take his place.  No problem for BB.  This blood-splattered path is well-trodden and entirely familiar to him.

Courtesy of his personal bile file cloaked in concern about policy Shorten hissed at Labor’s caucus members (as it was to them he was really addressing his remarks) that the Party’s current “tiny” agenda would not win the next election.  Such remarkable insight. Such wisdom. Such bravery. Such political cunning.

Not content merely with attacking Labor’s alternative policy ‘agenda’ — to which he is a signatory — BB went further saying Labor “has got to stand for something.”

In doing so BB confirmed the following: 

1. His well-used knife remains razor-sharp and ready for sport; 

2. He’s available, if called upon, to retake the leadership,

3. That only he is capable of resetting Labor’s policy direction;

4. That only he, above all others on the admittedly diminished Labor front bench, can win the next election. 

5. That Albanese is not the winning type.

Delusional was a word frequently appended to the immediate past US President — but hey, at least he actually won an election. BB has not, cannot and will not win for Labor.  He appears the only member of caucus unaware of this truth. 

Such is the scale of BB’s delusion that he is prepared to take the hapless Labor ‘Team’ to a third defeat rather than admit that Australian voters have ‘moved on’ from a Shorten led Labor Party.

While Shorten’s well-rehearsed tactics are not at all surprising his timing is.

Voters, the world over, are sick to death of politics – especially amateur politics choreographed by third rate players. The prevailing shambles of western democratic government doesn’t seem the ideal time for a street fighter to make a re-emergence on to the political stage here in Australia.

“We must be a party of Labor that stands for the real-world concerns of working men and women,” BB said. Gee, good sentiments for sure — but you, BB, told us on your last fling around the merry-go-round that you would govern for ‘all Australians.’

We didn’t believe you then and we don’t believe you now.  

BB is understood to have said that the drift (call it a stampede) of working men and women away from Labor is an issue at the core of the Party’s identity and mission.

Many voters were unaware that Labor had an ‘identity’ and a ‘mission’, so thanks for the ‘heads up’ BB.  “We need to get oxygen to talk about issues of work, workers, families, and economic advancement”, BB said. Yes, if only BB could get oxygen. If only the voters would listen to him, all of us would be so much better off.

And so we approach Australia Day — in what will almost certainly be an election year — with the Labor Party not taking the fight to the government but to itself, under the ‘skilful’ baton of Maestro Bastard Bill.  

The leadership fight is on — make no mistake. 

A senior Labor Left caucus member has already hit back at BB saying his ‘lecture’ to Mr Albanese was “pretty rich given he could never sell a coherent policy message and took us to one of our worst election results in history”.

One question remains (aside from who should actually lead the ALP) and that is what does it take for BB to appreciate it’s over for him?  Kaput! Finito! Terminé!

A final word from the author.  BB your tactics are as transparent and outmoded as they are tedious. We voters have long memories and we have not forgotten your deceitful ‘Mediscare’ campaign, your attack on the savings of retirees nor the cretinous anti-business antics against the idiotically named ‘big end of town.’    

Political leadership is a task for capable people Bill — not for those who talk a lot and say nothing

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