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Daniel Andrews is escaping the consequences of his corona catastrophe

17 November 2020

4:44 PM

17 November 2020

4:44 PM

New figures out today confirm what we warned you a fortnight ago. Daniel Andrews is managing one of the greatest escape acts Victoria has seen since Houdini plunged into the Yarra.

Every wonk will tell you there’s a secret to reading polls. You never look at one figure in isolation. That’s like predicting Saturday’s weather by licking your finger and holding it up to the wind on Thursday afternoon. Instead, what you look at is the trend, what the polls are telling us over a period of time.

Essential Research have been asking “How would you rate your state government’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak?” since the early days of the pandemic, giving us that trend line — a trendline that, as their latest figures, fresh this morning, tell how Daniel Andrews is getting away with inflicting an economic and social disaster on the people of his state.

The trend line here is much shorter but the Chairman’s personal ratings are lifting, too. Such significant movements are outside margin of error territory, so have to be taken far more seriously than increases of one or two percentage points.

Again, despite everything, Andrews is getting away with it — and that’s dangerous.

As various Flat White contributors have noted, Victorians — Melbournians in particular — have been seized by a form of Stockholm Syndrome, their psyches manipulated all the way by the Labor backroom boys and girls behind the fanatical, bizarre, bullshitting and bullying #IStandWithDan and #ThankYou Dan Twitter cults.

Andrews has lead Victorians through the deep, dark Vale of Covid and into glorious summer — and when the economy tanks thanks to the route he chose (and the state government incompetence that forced the action) he’ll blame the federal government; changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker in particular.

The Chairman won’t have only got away with it. His position will have been strengthened.

That’s if he isn’t bought down by the inquiry into the hotel quarantine, due out when peoples’ attention is focussed elsewhere on December 21.

But if we’ve learnt anything this year, it’s that reality and real world consequences don’t count for much in Victoria.

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