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Do the bleeding hearts prefer Daniel Andrews’ Covid containment solution?

11 July 2021

11:37 AM

11 July 2021

11:37 AM

The usual suspects have found a way to play the race card as Sydney’s coronavirus lockdown tightens. The Weekend Australian reports:

A meeting with dozens of cultural leaders the night before a police crackdown on three Sydney local government areas at the centre of a growing Covid-19 outbreak did little to settle growing angst among residents, many of whom believe their area is being unfairly and disproportionately targeted by authorities…

The highly publicised show of force involved not just a deployment of 100 extra officers but also the dog squad, mounted police and even the police air wing, PolAir.

“The police should be out in force across all of Greater Sydney, not just our area,” said Canterbury Bankstown mayor Khal ­Asfour.

Many in the community believed the police were “over the top” in the way they had deployed teams across southwest Sydney, he said…

And from AAP, just over a year ago, on July 4, 2020:

The lockdown of nine Melbourne public housing towers to fight a coronavirus outbreak has raised concerns about vulnerable residents, some of whom have fled war and family violence…

Premier Daniel Andrews has forbidden 3000 residents from leaving their apartments for any reason.

Mr Andrews … announced police would enforce the lockdown of the North Melbourne and Flemington estates and that food and other supplies would be delivered to them.

Within minutes of the premier’s announcements, police swarmed the housing estates, blocking entrances.

All other residents in the postcodes where the towers are located will be under stay-at-home orders by 11.59pm on Saturday, as postcodes 3031 and 3051 were added to the 10 existing community transmission “hot zones”.

Do the bleeding hearts prefer the Andrews option over Gladys Berejiklian’s approach?

This pandemic is now almost 18 months old. If “community leaders” want to complain about appropriate information on preventative measures not reaching their “communities”, they can do it by talking into their mirrors.

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