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Twitter taps out

16 October 2020

11:52 AM

16 October 2020

11:52 AM

There is a truth universally acknowledged that when Twitter mucks around with its shadowy algorithms, the whole platform reaches censorship critical mass and collapses. 

Last night, Twitter Safety left a long threaded-whinge explaining why they were acting like publishers during the United States election. It was prompted by Twitter removing and locking accounts who retweeted information regarding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and the career-ending information he left on an abandoned laptop. 

According to Twitter, we’re not allowed to talk about it. 

By law, Twitter is meant to be a passive platform, facilitating conversation. Unfortunately, the humans in charge lean left and get quite distressed when conservatives use their business model to rise to prominence. 

Twitter may have crossed a line it wished it hadn’t by locking White House accounts. Its final act was to block stories from the New York Post in the ultimate act of corporate virtue signalling. Didn’t you hear? Twitter’s quality standard for content is too high for pesky news rags. 

The premeditated activity started when Twitter updated its ‘Civic Integrity Policy’ with the many ways in which it would prevent interference in the US election by – uh – interfering in the US election. It was an attempt to morally justify their brazen editorial behaviour and use of unnamed ‘factcheckers’ leaving users to wonder if they’d suddenly ended up back in school with an overbearing headmistress. 

In essence, the Civic Integrity Policy is a creepy manifesto for the new revolution where Silicon Valley gets to approve political conversation. This is a brave move considering their business model survives on a thin piece of legislation prohibiting any editorial whims under threat of legal liability for content. 

Besides, if you want to quiet something down, the last thing you do is ban it. People make a point of spreading forbidden information. 

Until mid-morning, Twitter tapped out. Its service went down for hours leaving people (mostly) in fits of laughter at the self-inflicted wound. The problem with associated algorithms is that just like whispers, they get out of control. 

In a few hours everyone is a suspicious account and everything is dangerous. After that, there’s silence. 

Remember, nothing says ‘public trust’ like a social media giant acting as wingman for a presidential candidate. 

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