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From Canada: a new policy for the ABC

21 September 2020

1:10 PM

21 September 2020

1:10 PM

Canada’s Conservative Party, the official opposition to Trust Fund Trudeau’s ever more corrupt-looking lefty government, has a new leader. It took months to find him because in Canada, as in Britain, the regular party members have a big say in who gets to be leader. Unlike here, it’s not just decided by the elected MPs – the ones in Australia who gave us the most left-leaning Liberal leader ever in Malcolm Turnbull and who knifed Tony Abbott after he had delivered a huge election win. But after months of campaigning Erin O’Toole (the more right-leaning of the two main candidates) won on the third ballot. O’Toole got his degree from the Royal Military College (the rough equivalent of our Duntroon), was commissioned into the Canadian Air Force as a navigator and finished his service at the rank of captain. He then did a law degree (because there’s not enough lawyers in parliament), practised law for just under a decade and entered parliament in 2012. He very briefly served as Veterans Affairs Minister in 2015 in the former Harper Conservative government. 

O’Toole was the underdog in the leadership race, having also run for leader in 2017 when Andrew Scheer was chosen (Scheer then going on to lose to Blackface Justin in last year’s Canadian election that produced a minority Trudeau government). Were it solely up to them the Tory MPs would certainly have opted for his rival Peter McKay, a sort of Canadian Black Hand Brigade candidate. 

I mention all that because one of O’Toole’s campaign promises – unlike here, you understand, you have to appeal to your party’s core voters to win the leadership – was to halve the funding of the CBC English-language television operations. Not just cut the rate of increase of monies government would send its way. Not just freeze it. Cut. It. In. Half. Can you imagine any of the current crop of Coalition cabinet ministers suggesting that? But you know what? The party members loved this pledge. It may have been the deciding factor in O’Toole’s taking the leadership. In the past, O’Toole had accused the CBC of being ‘out of control’. Well, it is. But in my view it’s less one-sided, less biased, less lefty-partisan than ‘our’ ABC – in large part because in Canada the CBC (like SBS here) has to take some advertising money and that means you need to appeal at least a teeny-weeny bit beyond the inner cities’ virtue-signalling, left, renewables-loving, public sector viewers. 

Now don’t get me wrong. Canadian conservative leaders have a history of making promises to the base and then not delivering, even Stephen Harper. (Contrast that with President Trump who has delivered on more promises than any current politician I can think of, a fact that explains why he is so hated by the lefty media.) But the way they pick leaders in Canada and Britain at least forces those who want to win to consider the party’s base. And this CBC promise will be hard fully to ignore should O’Toole take government. 

God, I wish Scott Morrison or anyone in his Cabinet would grow some cojones and take on our ABC. Instead, they can’t even appoint fellow-travellers to run the out-of-control public broadcaster. Even Boris, in Britain, is making noises about reining in the BBC. He has mooted making the payment of the license fee that funds it voluntary.  And Johnson has recently slammed the BBC over its PC, woke decision not to let anyone sing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ or Rule, Britannia’ at the Last Night of the Proms concert the public broadcaster up there stages. 

Listen to what Rod Liddle says about the BBC: ‘The BBC holds middle England in utter contempt …. It cannot tolerate anything which doesn’t fit into its woke agenda … It has lost touch with the values of the people who pay for its existence … Why should I pay for an organisation which hates and despises everything I believe in?’. I don’t know about you but that perfectly describes my attitude to the ABC. I despise the fact I’m forced to fund this biased, left-leaning, woke organisation to the tune of over a billion dollars a year of taxpayer money. Equally, I loathe the cowardice of this Coalition government in doing absolutely nothing about it. Zero.Nada.Nothing. 

Meanwhile, over in Canada – Canada, I say, whose median voter is noticeably to the left of ours – the new Tory leader has promised to cut the CBC TV budget in English-speaking Canada in half. Well, that would be a mighty good start here. But don’t hold your breath. Team Morrison would have to believe in something to take such action. 

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