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The Greens admit: we’re washed up

24 August 2020

5:01 PM

24 August 2020

5:01 PM

Knifed Greens leader Richard Di Natale makes his valedictory speech in the Senate this week so, naturally, the party that did him over is trying to make a quid from it all.

Deputy leader Larissa Waters has sent out a truly trippy email listing the dear departing’s achievements and, you guessed it, asking for money. The rather odd sum of $4.00 a week, to be exact.

As you might imagine, the list of Di Natale achievements is pretty thin. So thin, in fact, that the five Waters has chosen includes items like this: “Championing the fight for marriage equality (and wearing rainbow runners during the Senate debate!)”.

Ah! If only the tank man in Tiananmen Square had been wearing rainbow runners — but we digress.

Waters continues: “I also have a very special gift for those who are able to give a little more. If you can give $8 a week, we’ll send you a Richard Di Natale commemorative tea towel. In my office, we’re calling it the Richard Di Natowelie :-).”

With gags like that, who needs enemies? But we digress again. Here’s the delight for you in all its glory:

Nothing like making clear why despite all their huff and puff — and boosting from their lackeys in The SMAge — the Greens bombed in the crucial Batman by-election back in 2018 and failed to capture electorates they swore they’d win stretching from Brisbane to the old Melbourne Ports on Di Natale’s watch. Even with the grey on the side and receding hairline, he still looks less impressive and imposing than most 15 year old School Strike for Climate marchers.

Nothing like making it perfectly clear that the Greens are washed up.

And what’s with a woman parliamentarian sending out what at the end of the day is nothing but an ad for a tea towel, anyway? Isn’t that the most old fashioned type of gender stereotyping?

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