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Is Dan Andrews using coronavirus as cover for war on the self-employed

21 July 2020

3:05 PM

21 July 2020

3:05 PM

Does Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ want to make being your own boss illegal? There’s mounting evidence.

With the second big lockdown imposed in Melbourne, Chairman Dan (as the cartoonists like to show him) has offered support packages for small businesses. But it’s not available for self-employed people. It’s discriminatory. Many are suffering according to this ABC report and will go broke because of this second lockdown.

This discrimination is on top of an Andrews government report released last week seeking to make self-employment illegal.

So, here’s what we assess is behind this ‘destroy the self-employed’ agenda.

In Melbourne it’s pretty clear, we believe, that if you want a government contract, you need to have chummy ‘relationships’ with a union connected to Labor. The most recent and glaring example is the disaster over security breaches at Melbourne hotel quarantines.

Chairman Dan refused to have Australian Defence Force personnel oversee the quarantines. Instead, private security firms with ‘friendly’ Labor connections were used according to media allegations. Security breaches were numerous, including (bizarrely) ‘employee’ guards having sex with guests in quarantine. Covid-19 was picked up by employee guards who spread the virus. Melbourne is in lockdown again.

This obsession with having government work being controlled by union-friendly, employee-structured firms extended to risking major security in the middle of the Covid-19 medical crisis.

We see this obsessive, authoritarian demand for union-controlled firms in Victoria as evidence of the ‘business model’ of the Dan Andrews government. Self-employed people don’t join unions and are hard to control. Therefore, destroy them and they will be forced to find work with a union-friendly firm.

A jaundiced view some might think? But if Chairman Dan was prepared to refuse ADF security assistance, then maybe our thinking is not far-fetched. In fact, it seems sensible. The agenda to destroy the self-employed in Victoria looks deliberate and strategic.

It’s gob-smacking to think that this could be happening in Australia. But everything points to just that situation.

Ken Phillips is the executive director of Self-Employed Australia. This piece also appears on their website.

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