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Coronavirus can’t stop crazy social policies in Danandrewstan

20 July 2020

1:01 PM

20 July 2020

1:01 PM

Victoria’s new race-based parliament, The First Nation’s Assembly of Victoria, has voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution to establish a ‘Truth-Telling Commission’ as part of the negotiations for “both statewide and local Treaties” with the Victorian government.  

Following the model of such bastions of liberty and democracy as South Africa, the Truth-Telling Commission will, according to Co-Chair Marcus Stewart, seek to “change how history is viewed” and will “formally recognise historical wrongs and ongoing injustices” perpetuated by Australia against Aboriginal people. 

Daniel Andrews’ government has committed itself to working with the assembly to establish the commission, which will “for the first time”, they say, see a “commitment to a truth-telling process in this country or state”.  

As Victoria’s descent into madness continues; with unprecedented emergency powers allowing the government, police and military to enforce mass house-arrest on the civilian population, confiscate private property, restrain trade and outlaw all public activity except exercise, getting and spending, the government has still found the time (and budget) required to approve the creation of this ‘Ministry of Truth’, who, in the words of co-chair Geraldine Atkinson, will address such issues as “the over-incarceration of our mob in prisons, and deaths in custody”.  

The first act of the ‘Truth-Telling Commission’, then, will be to promote a lie; namely that Aboriginal deaths in custody rates are higher than non-indigenous death rates (they are not). This is only fitting, as any body that needs to put ‘truth’ in its title is certain to be purveying the opposite.  

Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ in 1984 (Minitrue in Newspeak) was so named because it dealt solely in lies. Rewriting records to reflect the ideological requirements of the Party, the Ministry of Truth enforced a perpetual present in which Oceania was ‘always at war with Eurasia’ one day, and ‘always at war with Eastasia‘ the next. 

In our own time, we now construct the political narrative of the ‘frontier wars’, ‘slavery’, the ‘first people’, the ‘slow genocide’ and the ‘invasion’ in place of the perpetual war with East Asia (or was it Eurasia?). Eminent historians like Geoffery Blainey and Keith Windschuttle, it is doubtless, will not be consulted for their version of the ‘truth’, heavily primary sourced though it may be. Only the narrow and ideologically cleansed version of aboriginal history as defined by the First People’s Assembly will be the ‘truth’ purveyed by the new commission, which will, in the words of Ms Atkinson, ‘create a future Victoria that we all belong to, we all connect with, and that our children embrace as their own piece of history.’ 


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