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Meanwhile, in the Ultimo bubble…

26 May 2020

1:39 PM

26 May 2020

1:39 PM

We are tentatively emerging from lockdown, braving a pandemic of the likes we have not seen for a century, but in a far more complex world.

Just one sector in just one state, Queensland tourism, is bracing for losses of $11 billion from the disappearance of international visitors and the border bans the Palaszczuk government has flagged could stay in place until September.

“For Lease” signs are sprouting everywhere. Hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs, yet this is only the beginning. Zombie businesses with zombie employees are staggering on thanks to JobKeeper payments. We have millions unemployed, underemployed or in jobs that effectively no longer exist but are being maintained by public payments — payments that cannot continue forever.

And in the midst of all this, our national broadcaster has decided we need a stern lecture on etymology. Its role, it believes, at this time, is to police our language:

Frankly, right now the average Australian could not give a tinker’s cuss.

And if that expression is offensive, racist or derogatory, dear ABC, so be it.

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