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Beware the Curse of Clem?

18 May 2020

7:09 PM

18 May 2020

7:09 PM

Media Week, May 17, 2019:

In the first birthday week of 10 Daily, the editor of the Network 10 digital start-up Chris Harrison told Mediaweek the original strategy has been vindicated.

“It’s all gone perfectly to plan. Our plan was to position this as a mobile optimised site for younger digitally savvy audiences and we are hitting that goal. Eighty per cent of our users are accessing 10 Daily on mobile and 58% of users are between 18-44….

“We have some fantastic contributors like Lisa Wilkinson, Waleed Aly, Clementine Ford, Jane Caro and Tanya Hennessy…

“We have lot of points of difference which people are coming to us for and we are pleased they are staying.”

Part of the attraction could be some of the edgier editorial they are running. Clementine Ford didn’t like what she saw as a cultural shift at Fairfax Media, so now she is feeding her following and attracting new readers at 10 Daily.

Media Week, May 18, 2020:

10 Daily to shut down on Friday.

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