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Because what we need right now is more pointless intergenerational conflict, hey folks?

4 May 2020

7:17 PM

4 May 2020

7:17 PM

We’re going to let you into a little secret. Are you ready?

We here at the SpecOz have been wondering for some time … wondering that the ABC hopes that if it gets so bad, it will be given another billion dollars just to shut up and go away.

Here’s the latest evidence:

Read on:

Locked out of a housing market that blew out beyond their means, young Australians have embraced a different way of living in recent years.

If Australia can’t provide a house, they figured, then the world would become their home.

And if their work can’t be secure, then they would make insecurity a virtue and float from one place to the next.

Through both desire and necessity, the great Australian dream for many millennials isn’t a big house and backyard — it’s the ability to travel widely and live and work anywhere but here.

Now that dream has come to an end as well…

No serious news gathering organisation with any claim to credibility would produce such dross, surely?

We must be right.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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