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The Bureau of Meteorology bombs again

4 March 2020

5:00 AM

4 March 2020

5:00 AM

Another summer has come and gone and with it much of the credibility of the Bureau of Meteorology’s climate modelling that has once again been shown to be worthy of fish and chip wrapping and not much else. We are persistently harangued by the climate botherers, that if we don’t immediately embark on transforming into a subsistence economy then we are doomed by imminent climatic cataclysm. This religious conviction is premised on the shoddy science that underpins climate modelling. So how did that science work out for the BoM this summer past? 

In late spring the BoM published its rolling series of climate predictions for the season ahead. On November 29, the seers at the BoM read the entrails and declared:

Drier than average summer likely for eastern Australia, but wetter for parts of the west coast. For summer as a whole (December to February), the dry signal contracts to the eastern States. Conversely, much of the western WA coastline has a slightly increased chance of above average rainfall in summer.

On December 5, they repeated this headline prophecy:

Drier than average January to March 2020 likely for eastern Australia, but wetter for parts of Western Australia.

The following map was promulgated at that time to demonstrate the likelihood of rainfall across Australia. 

This is what transpired in the months of December through February inclusive. 

See any correlations with the predictions of three months earlier? Nor do I! The reality was about as close to the polar opposite of the prediction as one could possibly imagine. We are told constantly that the ‘science is settled’. – If we don’t act now, the models tell us climate catastrophe is guaranteed. What is abundantly clear is that the global warming ideology masking as science emanating out of the BoM can’t get it right just three months in advance let alone three decades. 

Not to be outdone, the ABC in its relentless mission to proselytise the anthropogenic global warming doomsday cult ran this horror story across its media platforms on MondaySummers are now twice as long as winters in all Australian capital cities, report finds. What followed was a laughable sham of pseudo-science.  And who do we have to thank for the said report? None other than the Green-Left aligned Australia Institute which the ABC report seriously presented as follows: “The Australia Institute is a non-partisan organisation which conducts research on matters of public policy.”

We were then informed that two researchers crunched BoM numbers to find that apparently summers are now twice as long as winters in all Australian capital cities. Clearly, they haven’t spent much time in Melbourne or Hobart in recent times. Never mind that summer is defined in the Southern hemisphere as the period from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox. It seems the Australia Institute and its acolytes at the(ir) ABC have now reorganised the universe and the Earth’s rotation around the sun to redefine the seasons. It appears that these modern-day Rat Catchers of Hamelin will stop at nothing to send the kiddies into the depths of anxiety and depression. 

Alternatively, you might like to enjoy this week’s forecast rains and completely normal temperatures. Forecast…

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