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A Christmas Message

20 December 2019

6:08 PM

20 December 2019

6:08 PM

As a quiet Australian, it seems that hardly a week has gone by this year without someone telling me I’m racist, bigoted, a denier or failing to keep up with the times in some way or other. Our Western history and vulture is being ridiculed and trashed at every turn and in particular, Christmas is getting wackier as each year goes by.

Perhaps this Christmas we should spare a thought for a couple of little kids called Emery and Bodhi. We don’t know if they are girls or boys and sadly, neither do they. So, that is the first leg of an unfortunate trifecta that these kids have to endure. The second leg is, that their parents are a couple of Mad Millennials who are proudly anti-vaxxers and dedicated gender benders. To round out the trifecta, Emery and Bodhi have been told that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, since the parents did not want to jeopardise their trust by telling them lies.

These MMs will, of course, give Emery and Bodhi a couple of gifts on the day but they will be gender-neutral things like generic Lego, colouring-in books and so on — but just in case they start getting any ideas about their sexuality, the one with the little inconvenient appendage will also get a doll and the other will receive a designer label pirate’s costume.

This inner-city nuclear family lives in a renovated terrace house not far from an exclusive child care centre that caters for anti-vaxxers, whilst at the same time providing safe spaces, should any of the little darlings feel threatened by a piece of wayward Play-Doh; a supreme irony, typically of the kind always lost on Marxist PCers.

So how did all this come about? Well may you ask!

It’s our fault. We the Baby Boomers were off having a good time in the sixties singing songs about holding hands and yellow submarines. We were quite happy when Marcie Blane sang about being Bobby’s girl and we were too busy having fun, to take much notice of a shy young girl playing a steel acoustic guitar and singing protest songs.

Someone a bit older should have taken Joan Baez aside and pointed out that that sort of behaviour was unacceptable and that she should be up at the local council hall auditioning for a part in “The Sound of Music’. Leave the protest stuff to Dylan and Co. Unfortunately Joan Baez went on to enjoy considerable success.

No doubt this inspired the likes of Reddy and Greer to start burning bras and, of course, the pill had arrived. OK, so the girls had a point. We Baby Boomers invented automatic transmissions and power steering so that women could drive cars, they got a pay rise and were allowed to keep working after they were married.

The women’s movement was a big success but even still, they are to this day bleating on about “boys clubs”, “glass ceilings” and the like.

Gen X got on the bandwagon and the protest mentality became de rigour. The point that is universally missed is that the women’s movement of the sixties and seventies is, in fact, the only protest action in modern times that affected at least 50 per cent of the population. All the other “causes” relate to small percentages and, whilst most should be respected, equality is often a moot point.

Enter the Mad Millennials. They just don’t get it with their wild social engineering ideas. I say to them, do whatever you like, but don’t call me names if I’m not interested and don’t mess with our kids’ minds.

Which brings me back to our little inner-city nuclear family. They will go to gran’s place for Christmas Day, along with various other cousins etc. Their father (aka Parent A), works as a consultant to large corporations helping them to implement policies about staff breastfeeding during working hours and their mother (aka Parent B) works in a government. job, teaching people about inclusiveness and diversity.

Emery and Bodhi will be dressed in all-cotton unisex overalls of neutral vegetable-dyed pale yellow or pastel green. Since these whackos are also vegetarian, they will be wearing sandals made from specially treated kelp, which can be bought online from a Middle Eastern sandal factory in Jordan (and guaranteed Zionist-free).

Parents A and B might well be able to remain comfortable in their own skin but as the crowd sits down to Christmas dinner, poor little Emery and Bodhi will one day realise that they are a bit weird, as they tuck into pork flavoured tofu and lettuce.

These little nuclear minority groups are planting landmines in society’s landscape and over the next few years there will be much destruction as they start to explode.

Political correctness hasn’t gone mad. It was mad to start with.

Have a Holy and Merry Christmas (in your own way) and a Happy New Year.

God Save the Queen!

Illustration: Pinterest.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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