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Bushfire sense and nonsense

11 September 2019

1:00 PM

11 September 2019

1:00 PM

Bushfires are normal events in this season in tropical and subtropical latitudes of the southern hemisphere – in Australia, Africa and South America.

Even Captain Cook noted many fires in Eastern Australia in 1770, long before the era of global warming hysteria.

What is unusual is the number and ferocity of recent Australian fires.

Destructive bushfires need three things – a big load of dry fuel, hot dry winds and a point of ignition.

A big load of dry fuel, close to towns and buildings, in this season, is a sign of gross mismanagement (seen most commonly in public lands). That fuel should have been raked, dozed or burnt in safer weather conditions.

Hot dry winds are not unusual in this season in these latitudes – no use whinging.

But how do 100 plus bushfires start suddenly? There have been no lightning storms, so who are the idiots starting these fires?

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