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Why do powerful men back abortion?

1 August 2019

5:00 AM

1 August 2019

5:00 AM

It’s a little known fact that the prolific and revolutionary pornographer Hugh Hefner helped fund the litigation leading to the infamous Roe v Wade decision of the United States Supreme Court which declared abortion to be a right protected by their Constitution (it should also be noted that the woman at the centre of the case actually gave birth to her child, and is now a pro-life activist). In fact, even before the feminist movement supported abortion, Playboy supported abortion.

The motivation for a polygamous, exploitative, sexist to remove the most natural and inevitable consequence to his ‘sexual liberation’ of the United States, namely childbirth, is obvious. Infants really would have killed the mood at the mansion, so this very rich and powerful man used the law to silence their cherubic cries – ushering in a paradigm shift across America, and ultimately the world, against life. The nexus between this truly evil man and abortion rights should be enough to make even the most fervent advocate pause.

Recently, some more powerful men have been pushing for the further expansion and formalisation of abortion in New South Wales.

In the lead up to this week’s push, Andrew Constance, the Transport Minister, banned pro-life advertisements on buses in Newcastle, saying he was “appalled” by the message that a heart beats at four weeks.

Alex Greenwich, one of the 93 people in a state of 7.480 million, to sit on the green leathers of the Legislative Assembly, has tabled a bill this week to remove abortion from the Crimes Act, formally legalising abortion up to 22 weeks, and up to birth with the sign-off of two medical practitioners. The working group preparing the bill includes Trevor Khan, a Nationals member of the Legislative Council who pushed for the legalisation of assisted suicide last year.

Brad Hazzard, the Health Minister, hit the radio waves on Monday morning declaring that this was a simple ‘medical procedure’, providing his robust support to the bill from the ‘independent’ Greenwich, which we are meant to believe has not been encouraged with a wink and a nudge by the Liberal-National Government.

These are just some of the powerful men, in a long line of powerful men over the last few decades, enthusiastically paving the way for abortion.

There are of course some weak men, who by their disgraceful omissions, do their part to ensure that protections for the unborn are discarded.

Dominic Perrottet, the Treasurer, is apparently a serious Catholic and a conservative, but he has been completely silent on this defining issue. Dom isn’t too shy to publicly contradict his cabinet colleagues. He seems to care more about advocating for ever-taller skyscrapers on ever-bigger casinos than the rights of the unborn. His priorities are the complete inverse of conservatism’s. Why the silence now? The Biblical condemnation of this mis-prioritisation, whether it be sacrificing children to Moloch, or the Tower of Babel, seems almost too obvious.

Maybe this is part of the deal to become premier? Or maybe he will find his voice? To be honest, I think Mephistopheles got that too.

The eventual question for Dom will be, what is the point of being a conservative Premier if there is literally no reason for anyone to suspect that you are conservative?

In fact, the only serious cabinet voices in recent memory to express their opposition to abortion were women, Tanya Davies and Pru Goward.

When Tanya was appointed Minister for Women in 2017 she freely told the press she was pro-life, before being shut down by her colleagues.

In last year’s parliamentary vote to establish ‘exclusion zones’ criminalising the handing out of materials or praying outside abortion clinics, Tanya Davies and Pru Goward opposed the bill.

Pru retired at the last election and Tanya Davies opted not to put her hand up for a ministry in the post-election reshuffle, saying that she wanted to prioritise her family.

Although Tanya Davies’ decision is entirely legitimate, it does prompt the question – can’t we do better generally to support women who have families to get more out of their career, and to make their professional life with children easier?

The sad truth is, we will never know as long as the only thing powerful men offer is abortion.

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