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Quiet (young) Australians

3 July 2019

1:17 PM

3 July 2019

1:17 PM

While many young Australians are partial to a whinge about how expensive three bedroom terraces in Surry Hill and Collingwood are while scoffing down avo and feta on toast, topped off with an organic fair trade soy latte cradled in a ‘Stop Adani’ keep cup, littering their woke conversation with casual references to their five years living in London, there are many other young Australians out there.

They are quiet.

They live in the suburbs.

These quiet young Australians stayed home in the burbs, did their apprenticeship, grafted away, and as a result, own houses. They are also the ones who get married young and procreate.

Many of them have forgone the Monday night ritual of mulled wine and seeing how many tweets they can get up on Q&A and have instead, spent years watching The Block and House Rules and ‘have done their place up.’

In fact, their back deck in the ‘burbs could rival a Sunseeker cruiser yacht.

For many, getting hitched in your new beaut backyard, mostly because you are smart and know that adding value to your castle rather than blowing $40k on your wedding is CLEVER!

Plus, you get enough Dan Murphy’s loyalty points to last you every long weekend booze up and grand final for two years.

Well, today, quiet young Australians should be chuffed with themselves. Everyone’s favourite Aussie supermodel, Victoria’s Secret angel, and Gunnedah’s second woman to marry a billionaire (the first being the former Mrs Packer, Erica Baxter) has got herself hitched in a DIY wedding in her backyard in LA!

Good on ya Miranda! Hope you got six crockpots and a Bunnings firepit!

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