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Would Microsoft also sack Israel Folau

20 June 2019

5:00 AM

20 June 2019

5:00 AM

With the sacking of Israel Folau by Rugby Australia, our culture has reached a tipping point in regards to all things LGBTIQ+. Because make no mistake, this is not just a matter of religious freedom. What’s now required is one’s personal affirmation, and even celebration of all things rainbow. Just consider the following unsolicited email I received recently from Microsoft, with the subject line; “Celebrate Pride” ❤❤❤❤❤.

Note how we’re told to “Embrace the Spectrum”. Not only that but other slogans include, “Normalize”, “Fight Bi Erasure” and “Believe Minorities”. Now, there are a whole lot of other LGBTIQ+ flags that probably like you, I knew nothing about. For example, what’s the go with the double-sided axe with the fairy floss background?

But just as with the Muslim religious festival of Ramadan, the ‘Celebrate Pride’ campaign lasts an entire month! Whatever happened to just having a long weekend? Except, under the LGBTIQ+ festival, woke corporations like Microsoft, bombard you with their progressive messaging twenty-four-hours a day rather than merely fasting during daylight hours.

All of which is eerily reminiscent to an incident that happened long ago in Jewish history involving three men who famously refused to bow down to the rainbow—I mean ‘golden’—image that the King of Babylon had constructed and give it their worship. Because Microsoft is calling on its users to actively, “Show your support, embrace your peers, seek their stories and share your own.”

My question is, how long will it be before the current ‘celebration’ will morph into the next stage of ‘compulsion’? For the evangelistic fervour of the LGBTIQ+ zealots seem only to be increasing.

All of which is to say, in this new era of ‘woke capitalism’ it is probably best for anyone who doesn’t identify as something along the ever-expanding rainbow spectrum to remain safely in their closet.

Mark Powell is the Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.

Illustration: Microsoft.

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