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EXCLUSIVE: Your very own Flat White cut out ‘n’ keep how to vote card for every electorate nationally

28 April 2019

5:09 PM

28 April 2019

5:09 PM

Prepoll voting begins in all 151 seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate tomorrow, but this is the only how to vote card you’ll need no matter where you’re casting a ballot. Simply print it off, shove it in your back pocket and she’ll be jakes.

Hold your nose. Then, to make sure you cast a valid vote for the House of Representatives:

  • Number all squares.
  • Put the Greens last, everywhere, and the ALP just above them.

For the Senate, do as above, but:

  • Vote below the line.
  • Number at least 12 squares.
  • Give at least your first, second and third preferences to minor party or independent candidates of your choosing.

Illustration: Ripped off from some local government pissants.

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