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CBD: total poverty equals absolute equality

14 April 2019

9:32 AM

14 April 2019

9:32 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

The Murdoch media along with the hard right are at it again.

So what if BS and his sidekick Chris Bowen have got their calculations wrong? Apart from those troglodyte economic rationalists why should anyone care if Labor’s promises require an extra $100 plus billion over the $200 billion already threatened… oops promised.

Aren’t we tired of Margaret Thatcher’s fatuous line that “socialists always fail when they run out of other people’s money”? Such a glib line but the reality speaks for itself – think Cuba, North Korea, Soviet bloc and most recently Venezuela.

Venezuela saw a high taxing wealth redistributing party elected on class warfare, jealousy and envy. Oh, what a great victory for social justice. If only Australians believed in a fair go and such equity could be replicated right here in Australia. It’s almost as if they haven’t ever read Wayne Swan’s columns for Crikey.

Venezuela had obscene wealth disparity and today thanks to socialism every one is equal – in obscene poverty. Nothing could be fairer. BS’s union mates invited the architect of Venezuela’s equity Hugo Chavez to Australia. Pity he couldn’t make it. Us CBD’ers just can’t wait for BS to win and deliver equity.

The hard right employ this economic rationalist notion that if people are taxed less they’ll spend more and create jobs. Everyone knows that you can tax countries into prosperity. Sure no examples spring to mind – and don’t bother Googling it but we CBD’ers know by sheer intuition if not emotion.

The truth telling of our opponents is appalling. Just as if facts matter.

So what if the top one per cent of taxpayers pay 17 per cent of total income tax collected? Or the top 10 per cent of taxpayers pay 45 percent of the tax collected. Make them pay more. The idea that there is even a concept as over taxing is stupid on steroids. Human nature from its inner depths desires that there be no reward for effort or desire to earn more, and the ultimate calling for humanity is to be either completely welfare dependant or taxed until they are completely welfare dependant.

Bring on May 18 so we can celebrate the Socialist Republic of Australia where we all live together in equal poverty.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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