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Do we want a nation run like a union – or a booming business?

9 October 2018

7:49 AM

9 October 2018

7:49 AM

The CEO of USA Inc, Donald Trump, has concluded the win-win-win US-Mexico-Canada trade deal; total US unemployment has dropped to the lowest level since 1969; black unemployment is at historic lows; Hispanic unemployment dropped to the lowest level ever; manufacturing jobs growth was the best since 1995, the US stock market is at all-time highs. The greenback is strong. Tax rates are down. Trade surpluses are up. In short, USA Inc is thriving.

If Labour leader and former union boss Bill Shorten MP becomes PM, he has threatened to run Australia like a union. What, like the CFMEU? That thuggish and lawless union, running up industrial fines in the many millions? Like the ACTU, whose boss Sally McManus urges union members to pick and choose which laws to obey?

As industrial relations consultant and columnist Grace Collier has pointedly noted:

Unions … don’t have to put any effort into tax minimisation or avoidance … because their surpluses are income-tax exempt. So while McManus loves to rant about companies avoiding tax, at least they are subject to it, whereas unions are not. And at least businesses pay tax and provide jobs. Unions do the opposite.

There is a theme here of bullying, lawlessness and hypocrisy which The Australian Trade Union Government, as forewarned by Bill Shorten, can be expected to emulate.

Like the CFMEU, the ATUG will recklessly spend their members’ (taxpayers) money, be it on bloating the swampy bureaucracy or disastrous policies, ranging from billion-dollar nation-destructive renewable energy targets to social engineering works designed by green-left zealots, which threaten free speech and individual choice.  Gender, sexuality and race will become the hard currencies within the public service, bleeding into the workplace and the public square. Our union dues — taxes — will rise, to pay for it all.

Why the difference? The answer is complex, but at the very start, it is about ideology. Trump is results driven, like CEOs everywhere, not an ideologue (with some unwelcome social warrior exceptions).

Unions are ideologically driven, under the guise of protecting member benefits. What do Australians prefer: the transparent profit motive or the hidden agenda?

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