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28 August 2018

11:07 AM

28 August 2018

11:07 AM

So what should we think about the new government?

I’d love a dollar for every punter whose asked me that.

“What do you reckon Smithy, is this the answer?”

The problem is – let’s cut to the chase – no one ever wanted a cataclysmic prime ministerial demolition to bring Scomo into the PMs office.

How the hell did that happen?

I’ll leave that to those who are now poring over the ashes and rubble from Friday’s brain-busting series of leadership manoeuvres.

(Can I just say one thing, if you’re creeping towards 43 signatures over 12 hours, you ain’t ever going to win a ballot).

But what’s left from the ruins?

Australia has a clearly competent Prime Minister who’s been hamstrung by his loyalty to his boss.

Malcolm Turnbull ran a centre-left protocol which included the theory of man-made CO2 causing a warmer planet.

The warmer planet theory is right but no one can scientifically tell us what happens to the temperature of the planet if we stopped all man-made C02 emissions. The answer is diddly squat. We will spend billions for no result. But it will make some feel morally good.

Stop! You’re all mad.

So to the man who brought a chunk of coal into the House of Reps, this is your time.

Will you back up the theatre with reality?

Our trendy reliance on unreliable renewables has created a major blackout of power to various industrial precincts in New South Wales.

Before the Greenies tell us that this was merely a freak incident of mechanical failure, let’s make it clear that when you have major baseload power, freak failure can be saved within minutes.

Welcome to the brownout future of Australia, where threadbare baseload power, will never be able to save the grid when problems arise.

I get the feeling that while Morrison cuddled his former leader and remained loyal throughout, he was listening to the screams and protests of those who were abandoning his Party.

First, he separates the portfolios of Energy and Environment, dissembling the awkward marriage between power sources and a clean future. The truth is that these need to compete.

And secondly, he introduces the portfolio of population.

At a time when our population is exploding beyond all forecasts, we need federal eyes to assess the equilibrium between migrant intake and the sustainability of these decisions.

It’s just an early peek at where our new PM’s head is at on these prime issues. I get the feeling that rightly, the Liberal Party is being shifted into the territory of the real Right.

It would foolish to move into extreme Right areas but after the influence of Labor-lite PM Turnbull, it’s high time the new PM directed the ship to the Right.

Isn’t it reassuring, no matter what the result at next year’s election, that we now have a greater differentiation between Labor and Liberal?

Game on.

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