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Pro-choice or pro-privileged, middle-class, hysterical women?

18 July 2018

5:25 PM

18 July 2018

5:25 PM

Queensland’s white, privileged ALP Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk emerge from her very working class electorate of Inala, to tell one of the funniest jokes you will ever hear and she told it with such a straight face, too. Annastacia announced that she was going to bring Queensland into the twenty-first century by the full decriminalisation of female domestic violence, abortion, up to 22 weeks of gestation. We know that at 22 weeks babies do survive; just not any more. Oh, and you can’t come within 150 metres of the clinic.

I did wonder what she meant by bringing Queensland “into the twenty-first century” but then it occurred to me that the twenty-first century has been knee-deep in killing: Syria, Iraq, MH370, Crimea, Charlie Hebdo, Paris, London Bridge and Manchester Stadium just to mention a few. Now Queensland is joining the twenty-first century. Hooray!

Annastacia didn’t explain why killing partly grown babies was justified when a mother’s life was not in danger. The Courier-Mail a few years back informed us of Annastacia’s private heartache at not having children. Just imagine how really heartbroken now she must be, but she managed to hold it all together for the photo op.

She is reported as saying that this legislation was necessary because “it is a health issue for a woman,” and “it is not for me to tell another woman what to do when she is confronted by these health issues.” I didn’t realise that pregnancy is a case of ill-health for which abortion is the cure. Annastacia is childless so she must be really healthy; despite the heartache at not being able to have children.

But then I am always worried by politicians who try to make what is discriminatory, harmful and selfish, kinder and gentler. Charisma is not enough. You need a certain seriousness, a this-will-be-good-for-you look. You start by encouraging followers to take to the streets, to hurl abuse, to break glass and demand the changes. You describe the chosen target, not as a human being, but as a health hazard, as dangerous, as a threat. Your laws will rob it of its humanity, of its right to life, of the law’s protections; and you encourage those who would normally be responsible for that person’s care and attention to deny it their responsibility. You set up special killing fields and call them clinics where these unwanted, non-citizens can be taken and killed and you ban under penalty, anyone from going there to object. Yes, Annastacia, it does sound barbarous when put like that, but that is fascism.

I have reflected at length on the motivation of women, particularly but not only those in the ALP, who for some misguided reason think killing babies is justified. I even thought it might be spiteful revenge on the Roman Catholics who split the party in ’55.

The truth is, I looked too deeply. The answer was always right there, staring me in the face, the one you don’t see because of a belief in people’s goodness. It took a fundraising video by the biggest, American abortion provider, Planned  – Get Your spare body parts here – Parenthood NYC to restore my sight and sense of balance.

Planned Parenthood New York City is an American abortion industry leader. Its video is a begging bowl so it can carry on its trade and it does not pull its punches. It is deliciously open and transparent; made by women for women telling you why they need abortions. I don’t want to spoil the fun of the rest of the video for you, but the ending tells you what it’s all about:

F**k New York and everyone in it. Protect our right to safely f**k whoever the f**k we want.

Forget about rape and incest, coat-hangers and deformities and all those trumped up reasons for abortions. The real reason is just as PPNYC says it – the hysterical right of all left-wing middle class, privileged women to be hysterical – without shame. They want abortions so they can … have more abortions.

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