Stuart Ballantyne

Marine industry leading the nuclear transition

3 July 2024 12:05 am

‘Hagar, I can’t get to sleep for thinking about her…!’ declared Lucky Eddie to his Commander. ‘I can even concentrate,…

The West is waste-deep in self-made treacle

24 June 2024 2:30 am

Unkind critics used to say I had to visit Scotland for re-training after reportedly buying two beers in the same…

Open all hours! Australia’s north is in big trouble

9 May 2024 12:01 am

Stuart Ballantyne views Australia’s dismal military protection

Record business collapses… I am not surprised

30 April 2024 3:00 am

This is not the first time Australians have abandoned their dreams

Thank the Greens for a national crime surge

9 April 2024 2:15 am

‘You must realise,’ my mother said sternly, so close to my face that I thought she was examining my teeth,…

Floating nuclear power plants make a compelling argument

2 April 2024 3:00 am

About 20 years ago, a seat-warming Senator came out of hiding and declared his thought bubble that Australia’s coast was…

Puppet masters of the ALP: UN communist thugs and the militant Unions

9 March 2024 11:58 am

Ocean Island, Central Pacific, 1964. Standing on a plank stage hanging off the side of a ship with another cadet,…

‘Weather’ you like it or not

16 January 2024 3:00 am

The standard preamble to all marine weather bulletins is: ‘Welcome to the marine weather report. Please be aware that wind…

Thank you, Sir Paul McCartney

20 November 2023 4:00 am

We were all delighted to see our old friend Bill. After 27 years of globetrotting, this happy soul joined a…

‘Our ABC’ was, and still is, a disgrace

25 September 2023 4:30 am

Almost all my friends with daughters, have convinced me that girls need never go to drama college, as acting is…

Why are we ignoring nuclear? The answer is Bowen in the wind

5 September 2023 4:00 am

Right before my very eyes, was a most wonderful sight that stopped me in my tracks. Towering above the rabble…

And the 2023 ‘Voice’ award goes to … the Scots

16 August 2023 12:27 pm

For sure, if there was an award for the nation that contributed the most to Australia, it would definitely go…

Braveheart re-emerges in Fiji

30 July 2023 4:00 am

Experienced taxi drivers are a good sounding board regarding the state of a nation. After some years of assorted opinions…

Sinking the nation

22 June 2023 6:00 am

The Korean Ferry Sewol, at 20 years old, had already been on the Incheon to Jeju run for just over…

The diminishing bank of mum and dad

28 May 2023 4:00 am

Like many parents in the 80s and 90s, I had a T-Shirt that read: ‘I’M YOUR DAD, NOT YOUR ATM!’…

We can’t afford nonsense anymore

8 May 2023 6:00 am

It was instilled into me from my labor-voting Dad, a Presbyterian carpenter with a fairly black-and-white view of life, that…

Only dead fish go with the flow

24 April 2023 7:00 am

‘Australia is a great place to live!’ I would tell my audiences. ‘But it only has one major problem, it…

Changing tides: a return to Australia’s shipping industry

19 March 2023 4:00 am

From 1851, paddle steamers could transport up to 2,000 bales of wool along the Murray River, with engines that were…

Sea level rises?

7 March 2023 5:00 am

Who would believe that the whole world has just woken up to the fact that climate changes? It changes constantly…

Sea life: cruising after Covid

5 February 2023 4:30 am

The former Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, probably never wanted to see the Ruby Princess again. Three years…

A lesson for Lismore

4 November 2022 10:00 am

The Green anti-dredging cult has destroyed Australia’s ports and endangered riverside towns

‘Bubonic plague’ preferable to union rule

12 September 2022 8:00 am

The Christmas and New Year family feasts were still ambling their way through my digestive system when I noted (from…

The leadership qualities of a long-dead parrot

20 August 2022 11:00 am

‘Be careful what you say,’ said my friend, ‘this guy is fanatical about the local colony of parrots and if…

Australia cannot ignore the submarine wars

3 August 2022 10:00 am

On my first trip to sea as a 16-year-old cadet, I was on the main deck observing the ship gracefully…

The Pacific wants cash, not ‘gifts’

8 July 2022 8:00 am

My favourite grandson, Asher, outspokenly declared to me at the age of 8 what he didn’t want for his Christmas…