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Fairfax goes whinging to the grave, entirely lacking self-awareness

26 July 2018

1:36 PM

26 July 2018

1:36 PM

Yes, it’s sad. The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age were great newspapers in their day. They did not just report our national story. They shaped it. Then.

Today, we learn that the Fairfax name is going. It’s no surprise. For the past 20 years or so the vast majority of its journalists have behaved like the most puerile of soixantehuitards, not only biting the hand that feeds it but adding insult to injury.

Fairfax journalists have done their best to not just offend any readers that have not shared its increasingly intolerant, juvenile and shrill bien-pensant left views and conspiracy theorising but actively insult them, day, after day, driving them away.

They’ve been aided and abetted by an acquiescent management the has been too complacent to act and instead sat back and enjoyed the views from their executive suites as the company’s value — and shareholders funds — have evaporated.

Such has been its decline in quality that left readers now prefer The Guardian Australian or, for a weekend read, The Saturday Paper. They at least contain some intellectual rigour.

And so Fairfax has gone whinging to the grave, entirely without self-awareness:

Kate, for once think about it.  Does it really need to be spelt out for you and your colleagues?

For once CEO Greg Hywood has been gentle and decided to spare some feelings.

Yes, you’ve made a massive contribution — to destroying Fairfax.

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