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The truly pathetic bias of Fairfax media

13 October 2017

5:26 PM

13 October 2017

5:26 PM

Clearly spurred on by Mark Powell’s excellent piece this morning on the decline of its Sydney sister, The Age has given its ever-shrinking audience the perfect demonstration of just how juvenile, vindictive and fatuous the bias of the once-great Fairfax media is.

Prominently featured on The Age’s landing page this evening you’ll find this teaser:

Click through and the story changes completely:

Get that? Joyce had stepped into the fountain — “to help out an elderly woman who had fallen in“.

But by the time you actually discovered the fact, Fairfax has suggested a conservative is a buffoon — and got your traffic. Mission accomplished.

Truly, they can’t go down the gurgler quick enough.

UPDATE: The weekend Fairfax rags admit the incident occurred six months ago; in autumn. Their clickbait chasing is even more pathetic — and contemptible.

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