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Bet that’s the last one

30 November 2017

6:05 PM

30 November 2017

6:05 PM

Newspapers can be shameless — think of some tabloid campaigns — but the lack of self-awareness of the dying Age is truly something to behold.

Today, on its website, it celebrated taking home the nation’s top prize in journalism (as judged by the nation’s journalistic establishment, one should add), the Gold Walkley.

Alongside the piece was… cringe-making clickbait trash — or in other words what we associate with The Age and Fairfax generally nowadays.

The Walkley awards, like most Australian culture, is a left-wing stitch-up. One to the ABC, one to Fairfax, one to the ABC, one to Fairfax, one to the ABC, one to Fairfax, one to someone who used to work at the ABC and has written a book with someone who worked at Fairfax… Such a stitch-up that News Corp virtually abandoned them years ago and set up their own contest; awards for journalism people actually read.

But look at the crap The Age serves up:

They might have won the Gold Walkley last night.

But I bet you it’s their last one.

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