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Would it have happened to a Muslim?

21 September 2017

3:31 PM

21 September 2017

3:31 PM

Well, as it happened, it happened in the ACT, that fiefdom of Green-Labor political power where the deluded are led by the manipulative.  A  Christian teenager, Madeline, is sacked from her job with Capital Kids Parties, for asserting on her filter Facebook that ‘It’s OK to say No’.

Madeline’s employer Madlin Sims, in a virtue-signalling (Canberrans are world class at this) message, told her young employee ‘Advertising your desire to vote no for SSM is, in my eyes, hate speech.

“Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech. As a business owner I can’t have somebody who publicly represents my business posting hate speech online.”

Has it really come to this? That we now must identify as one religious denomination or the other, and be judged accordingly?

Sims, adding  insult to termination,  messaged on Facebook that Madeline, whom she had “let go”  (and later changed to “fired”) was a contractor and suggested that  she could not risk letting her work around young children ‘because she might pass on her views.’

 I stand by my decision to let go of this contractor. She was let go because her action showed she is extremely out & proud about her views on homosexuals and as someone who, as I said before has an (sic) responsibility to the vulnerable people we work with could not risk her voicing those opinions to any children of our’s.

Apart from her somewhat tenuous grasp of grammar, Madlin Sims totally demonstrated by her action the kind of hypocrisy and virtue-signally brought about by those who seek to demonize people – especially young people courageous enough to stand up for what they believe to be right and true.  Free speech, even on a filtered Facebook, doesn’t matter.

The whole ugly episode is reminiscent of one of the more gruesome Game of Thrones past episodes, where hapless Loris Tully is dragged before the High Sparrow – a Jeremy Corbyn lookalike with the character of Torquemada the Inquisitor in one of his more dangerous moods-  and forced to confess his sins – homosexuality and the betrayal of his race.

His punishment is to have the insignia of the High Sparrow carved into the flesh of his forehead and be declared one of the Sparrow’s acolytes. That then, is the other side of the coin, though, hopefully, the bloodletting and public confession will not happen – yet.

Still, his whole ugly episode is a salutary lesson to those still undecided about where to put their X in the box marked ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,

Could this, an Indonesian Muslim friend emailed, happen if the girl had been Muslim? And had declared her willingness to vote ‘No”?  Buddhism is generally relaxed about homosexuality but Islam is not. Currently, in Canberra, a Korean-born pastor and a Sri Lankan evangelical defend traditional marriage while Anglo-Celtics from longer-established traditions simply wish the whole business would go away before the summer.

Asian communities, Christian or otherwise, are debating the SSM issue, often with far more fervour than their Anglo neighbours since religion is more than just a tick-the-box exercise, it is a signifier of themselves, who they are, what they stand for, in their community.

It would be truly ironic, then, if the multiculturalists of the Left find their most staunch opponents are not middle-aged white males but Asian-born Australians who want to preserve their faith and cultural values.

Illustration: Facebook.

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