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Just when you think Fairfax couldn’t be more idiotic

20 July 2017

9:10 PM

20 July 2017

9:10 PM

Just when you think Fairfax couldn’t go any lower, couldn’t be more asinine, they come along and surprise you.

“Are kids a luxury of a social necessity to be supported?”

Easy, I guess. It all depends on whether or not you want the human race to continue. Which, given the cavalier attitudes Fairfax management and journalists have displayed to the future of their newspapers, is clearly up for grabs in the strange world they inhabit.

This one’s going to take some effort to trump, but given the Fairfax death wish we can be sure of one thing. They’ll trump it (God help us).

I won’t provide a link to the piece.

This completely shameless clickbait shouldn’t be rewarded with eyeballs.

Instead, it should be laughed out of court, its creators laughed out of work and the company behind them laughed out of existence.

That will be a story worth reading.

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