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The Age’s morning glory

9 December 2016

11:03 AM

9 December 2016

11:03 AM

We knew its recently departed editor-in-chief Mark Forbes was a sleazebag, but even then it was still generally believed The Age’s target audience was backward, bedwetting millennials, not the dirty raincoat brigade.

That was until this morning.

What was the most important news for the good burghers of Melbourne and the citizenry of the State of Victoria? Look below. Top of the website.

ageAnd speaking of those boobs, plenty more was on display for readers who clicked through.


And more.


And even more.


Notionally, the photos were supposed to be illustrating an article on sexual harassment in the workplace; part of a series begun in Forbes’ final days on the job (no double entendre intended), perhaps as some strange act of contrition.

But that “Share” box on each of the titillating pix seemed to suggest a different purpose.

And the video Fairfax chose to accompany the piece made it clear: the article was pitched at blokes whose favourite way is to start the day is thinking of young ladies; déshabillé.


Phwoar! A babydoll? They certainly copped an eyeful.


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