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Bob Day goes – and will the left’s Diverse-O-Meter explode?

17 October 2016

1:45 PM

17 October 2016

1:45 PM

ffpBob Day this morning placed his companies into liquidation and resigned from the Senate.

Family First will now chose a successor to fill the causal vacancy, as per the amendments to s15 of the constitution approved by the 1977 referendum.

Number two on the Family First senate ticket from South Australia back in July was Kenyan-born lawyer Lucy Gichuhi.

If she is nominated by the party to fill the vacancy she will be the first black African member of the commonwealth parliament.

And not only that.

On suspects that it will send the Diverse-O-Meter of the left – who have been displaying an unbecoming schadenfreude since news of Day’s departure broke – into a syntax error-related meltdown.

Black… African… woman… human rights activist… legal aid… a senator from conservative party with an evangelical tinge… BOOM!


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