UK politics

Humza Yousaf quits – sparking SNP leadership contest

29 April 2024 10:26 pm

Humza Yousaf is stepping down as first minister of Scotland. After feverish speculation over the weekend, Yousaf has announced this…

Rishi Sunak vows to boost defence spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP

24 April 2024 12:48 am

After finally getting his Rwanda legislation through the Lords, Rishi Sunak is in Warsaw today to meet with Nato Secretary-General…

Will there be a summer election?

22 April 2024 8:13 pm

It’s less than a fortnight till the local elections where Rishi Sunak will face his last major electoral test before…

Never forget the politicians who pushed gender politics

12 April 2024 11:45 pm

The great trans hoax is coming to an end. The idea of thousands of people being ‘trapped’ in the wrong…

Can David Cameron charm the Americans?

9 April 2024 11:31 pm

David Cameron is stateside today as the Foreign Secretary tries to muster up support for the US to send aid…

Dowden: UK position on arms sales to Israel ‘has not changed’

8 April 2024 4:57 am

Dowden: UK position on arms sales to Israel ‘has not changed’ Israel and Hamas are expected to hold a new…

The Tories are resigned to an almighty defeat

6 April 2024 5:00 pm

The herd of Conservative MPs is on the move again, this time obediently setting off towards the abattoir in which…

Why did the SNP make allowances for Spain during Covid?

25 March 2024 5:06 am

The Covid Inquiry’s recent Scottish sojourn brought several weeks of bad headlines for the SNP. One revelation got less attention…

Will Sunak renege on ‘foreign powers’ owning newspapers?

25 March 2024 3:15 am

Last week, a rebellion in the Lords drew a government pledge to ban foreign governments and their proxies from owning…

Hunt: Tories will keep the triple lock on pensions

25 March 2024 12:08 am

Jeremy Hunt: Russian government creating a ‘smokescreen of propaganda’ On Friday night, a terrorist attack at a large concert in…

Shapps: Netanyahu’s rejection of a two-state solution is ‘very disappointing’

22 January 2024 1:42 am

On a call with Joe Biden this weekend, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s demand for security control…

Can we trust Hunt’s tax cut promise?

21 January 2024 8:37 pm

More tax cuts are on their way, according to the both the Prime Minister and Chancellor who have written comment…

Cameron says ‘military action was only option’ in Yemen

14 January 2024 11:45 pm

David Cameron: western strikes on Houthi rebels are ‘a very clear message’ This week the US and UK launched military…

Keir Starmer’s morning of U-turns

14 January 2024 10:45 pm

Another day, another U-turn from Keir Starmer. Or to be precise, two new U-turns from the Labour leader before midday.…

Britain is not a technocracy

16 October 2023 5:00 pm

The term ‘technocracy’, or more often ‘technocrat’, is found everywhere. Both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer are referred to as…

Humza Yousaf has irreparably damaged the independence project

14 October 2023 9:04 pm

As the SNP gathers for its conference in Aberdeen this weekend, Humza Yousaf faces a sea of trouble. But worst…

Starmer faces tough questions as Labour’s conference begins

8 October 2023 10:21 pm

Keir Starmer began his big conference interview with the BBC talking about the story that has dominated the weekend –…

Can Sunak establish himself as a radical?

30 September 2023 9:00 am

The Conservatives gather in Manchester this weekend for what may well be their last hurrah as a governing party. Bookmakers…

‘The zealots are turning people off’: Claire Coutinho on net zero and her bond with Rishi Sunak

30 September 2023 9:00 am

The new Energy Secretary on net zero and her bond with the PM

At least Britain isn’t that corrupt

30 September 2023 9:00 am

Long-time readers may recall that I take a special interest in the art of corruption. And this week America has…

Why is Sunak cutting a tax only paid by the rich?

24 September 2023 5:04 pm

Last week, Rishi Sunak struck a blow for ordinary people against the elitist project that is net zero, assuring them…

Broken Britain: what went wrong?

9 September 2023 9:00 am

Who broke Britain?


9 September 2023 9:00 am

Is Ulez too fashionable to fact check?

26 August 2023 9:00 am

Next Tuesday, London’s Ulez scheme will be expanded. A new network of cameras filming the traffic movements of millions of…

Why not house refugees on barges?

7 August 2023 4:15 pm

‘By the light of the torches, we saw the black Hulk lying out a little way from the mud of…