Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

Harold Evans: writer, editor, teacher

24 September 2020 4:00 pm

The death of Harold Evans last night will mean tomorrow’s newspapers will be rightly filled with tributes to a pioneering…

The missing leader: Boris Johnson needs to find his purpose again

19 September 2020 9:00 am

Boris Johnson needs to find his purpose again

Introducing Spectator TV, with Andrew Neil

10 September 2020 8:48 pm

Last week, we launched Spectator TV with The Week in 60 Minutes. Hosted by Andrew Neil and featuring James Forsyth,…

Can Scotland afford independence?

29 August 2020 11:16 pm

How would an independent Scotland have fared during the pandemic? We found out this week on the annual release of…

The Spectator, war and slavery: a note on our history

8 June 2020 11:32 pm

In her article about the point of protest, Tali Fraser mentions the support of Manchester in the 1860s for the…

Our duty to Hong Kong: the case for granting full British citizenship

6 June 2020 9:00 am

It’s time to offer British citizenship – not just visas – to the Hong Kong Chinese

New study suggests Covid infections were falling before lockdown

5 June 2020 10:39 pm

When lockdown was first imposed, there was little science to base it on. The virus was assumed to be growing…

Norway health chief: lockdown was not needed to tame Covid

28 May 2020 12:08 am

Norway is assembling a picture of what happened before lockdown and its latest discovery is pretty significant. It is using…

Sweden tames its ‘R number’ without lockdown

4 May 2020 11:43 pm

Sweden has been the world’s Covid-19 outlier, pursuing social distancing but rejecting mandatory lockdown. Schools, bars and restaurants are open…

Non-Covid deaths are also rising. It's time to ask why

29 April 2020 2:05 am

Today’s excess death figures are shocking, but they are perhaps even worse when you consider how many are not linked…


Pompeo: China must be more transparent

9 April 2020 2:28 am

While coronavirus ravages the world, a political battle is also being waged with China resisting suggestions that it’s to blame.…

Imperial study: New York deaths could peak at 1,000 a day

30 March 2020 1:11 am

As the world tries to understand more about the trajectory of the coronavirus, a study from the Engineering faculty of…

Varadkar’s election gamble backfires as Sinn Fein surge

10 February 2020 5:55 am

Irish election results are being counted and it seems that Leo Varadkar’s snap election gamble has worked out as badly…

The Queen tells Harry: out means out

19 January 2020 7:23 am

In the end, it took just over a week for Prince Harry to announce and finalise the terms of his…

Fraser Nelson: What categories should we include in our Parliamentarian of the Year awards?

11 January 2020 9:00 am

The night before our last issue went to press, I received a message from the Prime Minister saying that he…

Islam, reform and the battle of narratives

31 December 2019 10:57 pm

Is a wind of change blowing in the Arab world and bringing Muslims and Jews closer together? Ed Husain made…

‘Corbyn is led by ideology, I’m led by economics’: Sajid Javid’s spending plan

7 December 2019 9:00 am

If Boris Johnson wins next week, it will be on a manifesto of change. He will not deliver the fourth…

Five reasons why this election could still go wrong for the Tories

30 November 2019 3:00 am

With YouGov’s MRP model pointing to a 68-seat Tory majority, Conservative voters might think they have pretty solid ground for…

I’m sorry because I failed: An interview with David Cameron

21 September 2019 9:00 am

‘How have you been?’ David Cameron asks, bounding up to meet me. Fine, I say, then make the mistake of…

Battle begins

31 August 2019 9:00 am

What makes Boris Johnson an improvement on Theresa May? Those of us who cheered him on into 10 Downing Street…

Labour’s losing its old heartlands. Backing Remain could make things worse

6 July 2019 9:45 pm

A moderate, halfway-competent Labour party could crush the Tories. But given that Labour members are Corbynite in inclination, what are…

Gove, Javid and the point of a backstory

12 June 2019 1:36 am

Michael Gove’s launch was, easily, the strongest of any candidate yesterday and he deserves the plaudits he’s getting now. Even…

The big Tory leadership question: what happens on All Saints Day?

26 May 2019 10:05 pm

If the EU is unable to make a Brexit offer that is acceptable to Parliament by the Brexit deadline on…

Fraser Nelson: The biggest myth is that editors have control over their columnists

6 April 2019 9:00 am

The power of editors is comically overstated. I’m struck by the number of politicians who imagine that there’s a hierarchy:…

My evening with Jacob Rees-Mogg — live at the London Palladium

2 March 2019 9:00 am

A woman dressed as a nun is standing outside the London Palladium with a placard, warning about ‘an evening with…