The Soros-backed takeover of Spanish-language radio

11 June 2022

1:13 PM

11 June 2022

1:13 PM

This week brought revelations that a consortium including multiple interested leftist participants has banded together to attempt to buy a number of Spanish-language radio stations across the country. The effort, backed in part by George Soros, is unsurprising. But it is also an underrated indication of the weakness of vision on both the left and the right.

It illustrates an approach used by the left toward Hispanic outreach, which has been consistently top-down. As opposed to listening to the priorities of these communities and making any effort to meet them where they are, the Left has instead tried to assert and propagandize to them. Univision, Fusion, and a number of other left-driven media outlets have attempted to control the narrative heard by Spanish speakers in America.

This approach has been largely ineffective, much to the surprise of those who predicted “demography as destiny” decades ago.

Hispanic Americans, it turns out, actually think for themselves. Instead of prioritizing things in accordance with the wishes of those advancing Critical Race Theory propaganda, and those who advocate for black and brown coalitions in favor of socialist policies, those who are descended from or often related to people who have experienced socialism firsthand recoil from that prospect when it comes to America.

Instead of prioritizing open borders, Hispanic voters have become advocates for America-first capitalism, focused on economic prosperity. They have embraced educational improvements that are designed to equip their children to enter the workforce, as opposed to being permanent victims in a progressive racial hierarchy.

In addition, the push by the Left into increasingly disturbing areas of culture war politics, including advocating for gender redefinition and the forcing of transgender politics, has backfired in a massive way within the Hispanic community.

It was no surprise to those of us who come from these communities or who have family members within them to see the overall performance of conservative candidates among them in both 2020 and 2021. Now, scared at the prospect of losing this demographic, there is a natural backlash from the left.

For this Soros-backed effort, that looks like another top-down attempt to prevent any kind of traditionalist American, faithfully Christian, or ideologically conservative messages from reaching those who listen to Spanish language radio.

This should be seen for what it is: a blatant attempt to propagandize and destroy strong existing Spanish language media institutions that have appeal within these communities in order to prevent their influence as they have turned to the right.

In this case, a major entity in Salem Radio, a profitable conservative business with outlets across the country, was far along in attempting to purchase a number of Spanish language radio stations. But when word got out, the left reacted. They turned to their billionaire funders and BLM-connected dollars in order to overpay for these radio stations, in an attempt to deny their listeners any access to this type of information.

This is a cautionary tale about the disordered priorities of both right and left. American conservatives ought to be leaning into this space and backing projects to achieve greater support for these naturally occurring dynamics. There is increased interest in the message of conservatives among these voting cohorts at a time when the left has become increasingly beholden to its socially progressive white upper class.

The right should recognize the importance of advancing an alternative message, and push back against well-funded attempts to propagandize the left’s “Latinx” agenda to voters who have shown no interest in it.

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