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Planned chaos in Australia's power generation

11 June 2022

7:00 AM

11 June 2022

7:00 AM

Politicians are inviting electricity chaos in Australia by promoting the closure of coal-fired power stations, but also by promoting more electric cars to enter the grid – more demand, less supply.

Green energy is a wild bull in the electricity china shop. 

Around mid-day on most sunny days, millions of roof-top solar panels pump electricity into the grid, often pushing prices too low for rational generators to continue supplying power. With booming subsidised green energy, more Australian coal generators will be forced to close.

Demand for electricity peaks twice per day – once for toast and coffee at breakfast time, and again for air conditioners, dinner, and TV at night. Solar contributes zero to this demand, and the contribution of wind power is erratic.

For long periods, our expensive sprawl of green power lines sits idle.

When faced with generator closures, the only suggestion from industry leaders is to sanitise coal power with ‘Carbon Capture and Burial’. This is energy-wasting nonsense, with zero benefits.

At the same time as energy deficits appear, the Greens and Labor coalition want to see Australians buying heaps more electric cars which will put additional pressure on the system. They are irresponsibly promoting rising demand for electricity alongside falling reliability and supply.

This ‘Green Energy Express’ is about to hit the Wall of Blackouts…

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