Joe Biden’s tampon shortage

18 June 2022

1:34 PM

18 June 2022

1:34 PM

Move over baby formula: there’s a new shortage in town. Tampons are becoming increasingly hard to find in Joe Biden’s America.

Much as they did with the formula shortage, I’m sure the president’s handlers will wait a few weeks before briefing Joe on the tampon issue. After all, they wouldn’t want to upset their boss with more bad news while he is trying to enjoy his weekly weekend trip to his mansion on Rehoboth Beach. (He left at 11 a.m. on Friday, by the way.)

Unfortunately for the White House, the media are not ignoring the problem.

NPR ran a piece this week titled, “It’s not just you: tampons are harder to find — and pricier.”

The far-left state-subsidized outlet informed their audience that “people who menstruate” are having a tough time finding tampons on store shelves.

So what is the reason for this nationwide shortage that is affecting women — I mean, “uterus-havers,” er, “menstruators?”

NPR explained to readers that the problem “stems from a combination of factory staffing challenges, transportation bottlenecks and the rising costs of key raw materials used to make the products.”

In other words, it’s the supply chains, stupid!

If Biden’s acolytes ever let him talk to reporters about this shortage, I’m sure he would eloquently explain the root causes of the problem.

Just kidding!

Joe would most likely blame the greedy profiteers at Big Tampon before shuffling back behind the White House curtains to stick his face into a cold bowl of chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream.

Whether Biden knows about the shortage or not is inconsequential. He is quite clearly not a decision-maker in his own White House. Furthermore, whoever is calling the shots during these mushrooming crises (Ron Klain? Susan Rice? The Easter Bunny?) doesn’t have a great track record.

The baby formula shortage has been going on for over three months now. In fact, the administration’s ineptitude was so glaring that Democratic senator Debbie Stabenow conceded that “there were a lot of mistakes made” during an MSNBC appearance in May. Remember, this is the same woman who recently bragged that she’d beaten the high gasoline prices by buying a $60,000 EV.

When even someone as politically tone-deaf as Stabenow can figure out there’s a problem, you know the baby formula shortage can’t be spun, especially to those most affected — young parents who may have been at least somewhat inclined to vote for Democrats, at least until the supply of safe nutrition for their newborns failed.

Even if you were to grade the Biden-Harris administration’s response to this disaster on a curve, the “adults back in charge” would flunk.

To make matters worse, just when things seemed to be turning a corner, news broke on Thursday that the Abbott formula plant in Michigan is shutting down again due to torrential storms and flooding. How long will it be before Biden is blaming the entire formula shortage on climate change? I give it forty-eight hours.

Meanwhile, the same state-run media that told us how much better off we would be under President Biden are now doling out sage wisdom on how to cope with the “normalcy” that has been breaking out all over since their hero won in 2020.

The Washington Post and the New York Times offered up tampon shortage tips to their readers that ranged from finding period underwear to using menstrual cups.

Both outlets were careful to caution readers not to try to extend their supplies of tampons by using them for longer than the recommended time and risking toxic shock syndrome. Just a few months earlier, both publications ran pieces warning parents not to attempt to make homemade baby formula and risk harming their infants.

One of Biden’s favorite sentences to creepily whisper into microphones is “America is back.” Back to what exactly? The Stone Age? The headlines about DIY formula and tampon shortages are like something out of a dystopian movie. In eighteen months, the US has gone from Orange Man Bad to A Clockwork Orange.

It is unacceptable that this is happening in what until recently was considered a First World nation. No one in this administration appears capable of organizing a two-car funeral, let alone resolving the supply chain shortage.

Joe Biden often yells, “This is the United States of America, dammit!” It sure doesn’t feel like it.

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