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When teachers become hate preachers

5 February 2022

10:58 AM

5 February 2022

10:58 AM

This month marks 20 years since a grand jury indicted John Walker Lindh after his November 2001 capture in Afghanistan. Quickly dubbed the ‘American Taliban’, his name would become synonymous with treason, being someone who chose to fight for one of America’s (and the West’s) enemies against his own country.

Yet more attention should have been directed on his upbringing in Marin County, California.

Marin County is a liberal haven. It is one of America’s richest and most politically liberal areas, and one of its least diverse. It would beggar belief that someone growing up enjoying one of America’s most privileged lifestyles would fight for a force which is supposed to be the very antithesis of it.

But is it really?

For American progressives, like their British and Australian counterparts, belief in the good and great of their country – in patriotism – is anathema. They cringe at any sense of pride in their nation, its history and symbols. They trumped ‘equality and diversity’ as a replacement ideology for the foundational values of the Anglosphere. They preach that we need to be perpetually ashamed of our existence every day.

When this is adopted as a creed in the education system, by the media, and celebrities – how can we expect the next generation to show any kind of affection or sense of belonging to the countries they live in? Never mind being able to defend their countries from internal and external threats.

The bottom line is that the academic and media elites, in promoting the anti-West message rooted in guilt politics, are as much the agents of radicalisation as extremist preachers found in mosques – which are incidentally more commonly found in the West than in the Islamic World, especially with Islamism increasingly rejected in the Middle East.

Examples of this are potentially limitless. Shamima Begum was born and bred in Britain and was radicalised on British soil. Many of those who went to fight for jihadist groups followed a similar path, in such places as Bradford, Blackburn (from where the Texas synagogue attacker originated), Rotterdam, Brussels, and Paris – not in Casablanca, Cairo, Mecca, Medina, or Dubai. Neither will you find them among minority Muslim communities such as the Tatars of Poland, Lithuania, Finland, or the Hui community in Taiwan.

That’s because the aforesaid minority communities are exemplars of loyal and patriotic citizens in the countries they have resided in for generations. They harbour no sense of identitarian agitation against their countries, nor is there a perpetual victim culture to be found among them. The only conclusion here is that Western societies are failing miserably because they have encouraged radicalisation through allowing ideologies hostile to Western Civilisation to become prevalent in education and media.

Every time a teacher encourages attacks on any nation’s history, symbols and honour – or teaches that a community can claim perpetual victim status – it serves to engender radicalisation. Deradicalisation programs will fail unless the Leftist monoculture is actively confronted in our culture, education, and media.

Critical Race Theory and the ‘Black Armband’ view of Western history has to be fought against for this reason as much as any.

David Votoupal can be found writing here

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