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Local leftists think Joe Biden’s senility is a scream

16 September 2021

11:04 AM

16 September 2021

11:04 AM

Less than 35 years ago the Australian left — and their colleagues around the world — were always warning us we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation because the President of the United States was senile.

This morning, they think it’s a hoot. There’s been raucous laughter coming from the sewers Twitter  ever since Joe Biden managed to forget the name on the teleprompter in front of him and talked about “that fella down under”, rather than Scott Morrison.

Quick out of the block were our old friends, the Mad Fucking Witches.

Er… Right. Because when the President of the United States forgets the name of the person he’s talking about — in a broadcast media conference of three national leaders, not when he’s doing the acknowledgements in, say, a crowded conference hall for a lunch for the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce — it’s all about that individual, not the President’s mental facilities, it it?

Apparently not for the Twitterati.

#ThatFellaDownUnder was the top trending hashtag in the nation within the hour, all because it was apparently such a hilarious joke at Scott Morrison’s expense.

Christian Porter vanquisher Jo Dywer captured much of the mood:

It was like Biden had made a bon mot to rival John F Kennedy at his most sophisticated. A slip became a quip in the eyes of the Twitterati, so keen they were to pounce on anything they could twist into a criticism of the Prime Minister:

Indeed, such was the deranged delight of the Witches that they declared Biden’s bumbling to be deliberate:

No, the Twitterati aren’t worried by Joe Biden’s fading facilities. They think he’s magnificent. Maybe it’s because the Twitterati are half-mad (or more) themselves.

[And how many Tweets drove the #ThatFellaDownUnder hashtag to number one? A mere 3618, when we last checked at, just before 10.30. At the same time, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock said there were 25,809,053 of us. Twitter. So representative. And that’s even more we consider how many of those Tweets came from the same nutjobs Tweeting on the topic multiple times.]


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