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8 September 2021

4:00 AM

8 September 2021

4:00 AM

Footage of the Taliban performing a victory flight in an American Black Hawk helicopter triggered hopes of a Biden resignation. 

The problem with a puppet leader is that no matter how ridiculous, damaged, or deflated the doll gets – the puppeteer keeps going with the performance. Biden is set to remain in power until he becomes a useful scapegoat for his replacement. Such an event will be orchestrated at the convenience of the Democrats’ election campaign and certainly not for the benefit of America. 

Afghanistan is not the first failure for the world’s military superpower. America has experienced several embarrassing military defeats before. To quote Malcolm Tucker from British comedy In The Loop, “We burned this tight-arsed city [Washington DC] to the ground in 1814 – and I’m all for doing it again!” 

Setting satire and the White House aside, losing military campaigns is an inevitability when you’re tied up in as many conflicts as the United States. The US could win every battle, but only if it is prepared to spend an ungodly amount of lives and money policing the unruly corners of the world – a thankless task with a menagerie of whinging press in tow. The threat of US involvement has always been the more powerful stick. Trump knew how to brandish it – then the Democrats went and broke it. There’s no stick anymore. At best, there is an open question about American military strength – one that China may very well ask in due course. 

Biden committed the unforgivable sin of gifting a terrorist regime an army’s worth of equipment. Even the Romans knew to burn their camps before leaving the field. Arms traffickers in America can expect a thirty-year sentence – selling those arms to terrorists invites a life without parole or the death sentence, depending on the severity of the crime. 

Considering Biden and the Democrats gifted an internationally recognised terror organisation a full catalogue of weaponry and vehicles, it’s extraordinary that no one in the American government is facing terror charges. Intentional or not, Biden has armed the Taliban against US allies. 

In a desperate attempt to bury their catastrophic failure, the Biden regime insisted that it’s ‘okay’ the Taliban have US equipment because they won’t be able to fly or maintain any of it. 

Scenes of the Taliban buzzing around with combatants hanging off the bottom of its new fleet of helicopters en-route to plant flags on building-tops suggests that they’ve got their pilot licenses in order. 

The West is in the habit of assuming that terrorist regimes only contain stupid, unqualified people. Being in possession of violent, backward ideology that cheers on the apocalypse does not preclude anyone from a Masters in Engineering. There is plenty of evidence to show that those motivated by an all-consuming religion set themselves to education with great diligence, provided it serves their end goal – which in this case is mass murder. 

Besides, the Taliban will have plenty of help. 

One of the first things the new regime did was signify its close relationship with the dictatorship in Communist China. 

It is official that China intends to fund the Taliban – no doubt with money Western nations like Australia gave them via their renewables technologies. Scott Morrison’s NetZero ideology is now directly funding terror with the full backing of the United Nations, but you won’t hear a word about it. 

The deal is a two-way sweetener for China. On the one hand, they have bought a very cheap, radicalised group of murders who have no trouble slaughtering their way through the West spreading fear to destabilise China’s political opponents. On the other, China has acquired a valuable piece of real estate. Afghanistan has the second largest lithium mine in the world along with plentiful veins of cobalt, copper, gold, chromite, barite, lead, iron ore, zinc, and of course, natural gas and coal. The Pentagon’s estimates place its worth at over a trillion US dollars. 

Many of these resources are required for the production of wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries – all of which the West has decided to purchase from China. It was bad enough when these minerals were being dug out of Africa with child slave labour or torn from Chinese provinces by ethnic prisoners – now, the mining operation lines the pockets of terrorists who want nothing more than the slaughter of every person in the West. 

I dare NSW MP Matt Kean to stand up in defence of these technologies now that we’re fully aware of the cost of production. 

China is the perfect ally for the Taliban. Neither gives a toss about human rights or environmental protection. The only common language they require is money, and China has plenty of that. Where every other nation on earth has failed, China will succeed purely because it intends to empower terrorism, rather than reform it. 

Xi Jinping is happy to sleep around with more than one global criminal. Their relationship with Iran has gone from strength to strength after Biden made another serious error in judgement by lifting sanctions on Tehran. Oil flows freely into China via the Iran-Pakistan Peace Pipeline and on to Kashgar where it is stockpiled to ensure military operations in the Pacific cannot be cut off by the Malacca Strait. 

Even if Russia were to get cold feet upon seeing the terrifying breadth of China’s dream for the world, Xi Jinping now has sufficient resources in the Middle East to keep his war machine afloat without the Kremlin. 

These catastrophic mistakes from Biden will not truly be appreciated until conflict begins – which cannot be long with China’s increasing threats against Taiwan. 

Hong Kong, a city no one thought would ever be lost, is gone. Taiwan will not fall so easily, mostly because it is one of the most heavily fortified places in the world and guarded by Japan. There is no question that this is the flashpoint where war with China will begin. It might have been avoided, had Biden asserted the dominance of US military forces, but Xi Jinping knows for certain that America can’t hold onto its international bases against a rag-tag group of mentally deranged terrorists, let alone the full force of the Chinese military. 

Trump was able to threaten China into behaving itself. Biden has robbed the US of that card. World peace is never achieved by the endless paper-pushing of overpaid, unelected bureaucrats – it is secured in the mud and chaos of the battlefield. No one wants to go there, but closed eyes, cowardice, and outright stupidity leaves the world with little choice but to lace up its boots. 

The problem is made especially difficult when the United Nations – set up to stop terror and despotism from taking hold – is now owned by a Communist super-power and attended by terrorists, dictators, and vassal states. 

Worse still for Australia, Christopher Pyne’s cataclysmic mishandling of our military resources has left us with less firepower than the Medieval desert-dwelling religious zealots. We are wading into this Pacific conflict wearing thongs and a pair of budgie smugglers. 

We can safely assume that the Taliban and its allies in Iran will make good use of Biden’s gift and kill plenty of innocent people as the decade unfolds. That is, of course, if the Islamic State doesn’t steal it from them first. Either way, Biden’s error is a death sentence for untold thousands. 

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.

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