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Why is Adam Bandt treading so carefully over the Julian Burnside ugliness?

5 August 2021

11:15 AM

5 August 2021

11:15 AM

That great humanitarian and soi-distant Jew baiter St Julian of Burnside has said he will not contest the seat of Kooyong for the Greens again after the latest row over his and Mrs Saint Julian’s Tweeting.

Greens leader Adam Bandt’s response to all this ugliness? In paraphrase, it’s been something like “La di da di da, the first flowers of spring are on their way.”

Terry Barnes made some excellent observations on Bandt in today’s Spectator Australia Double Shot email (sign up here):

Adam Bandt should not only have distanced himself from Burnside and Dunham’s ugly and offensive remarks. He should have disowned them. He should have condemned them. But he didn’t because he couldn’t. There are hundreds more Burnsides in the Greens, all clamouring to impose their anti-Israel policy on an Albanese government should Labor win the next election.  Bandt doesn’t dare cross them, and may well agree with them.

Bingo. Ten out of ten. Get that man a big see-gar.

But there’s more. Bandt himself has form in anti-Semitic Tweeting. Like this deleted Der Sturmer-style shocker from just three years ago drawing on the vilest old “Jewish banker” tropes.

“La di da di da,” Adam?

The Greens leader needs to make a real apology.

Perhaps a censure motion in either the House of Representatives or the Senate would give the Greens a well-needed wake-up call — and the electorate and much of the media a well-needed reminder of what an ugly, extremist, ratbag, ragtag crew they are.

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