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What else might our governments lock us down for?

12 August 2021

3:59 PM

12 August 2021

3:59 PM

According to our politicians and poohbahs of public health, Australians will all be subject to some form of house arrest until 80 per cent of us are vaccinated. But what if this is all for nothing? What if there is no level of vaccination that will provide the “safety” promised by the political, bureaucratic and modelling class? What if Covid, like many other diseases, just won’t go away and no current treatment will take us back to pre-Covid life? What if, there are certain problems that are beyond the wit of government and man to resolve? 

Israel has reached 80% of population vaccination yet is still experiencing Covid infections and deaths. Will Australia again be locked down if, having reached 80% vaccination, similarly experiences Covid infections and deaths? What if there is an election or Newspoll due around this time? 

It has long been clear that our political and bureaucratic class will spend obscene amounts of other people’s money to solve the unsolvable. Are Covid lockdowns just another example of this? Would not a more prudent policy, a better trade-off be to incur the cost of building and maintaining more hospitals rather burning down the private economy? 

Consider this.  The Medicare rebate for a Covid test is approximately $93.  Yesterday, there were over 150,000 tests administered in NSW.  Let’s just assume that there would have been 300,000 tests administered nationally.  That’s $28 million spent a day on Covid testing or $10 billion a year.  This dwarfs the $6 billion proposed by Anthony Albanese to incentivise vaccination.  And unlike the one-off Albanese payment, the cost of testing under this Covid Zero regime is perpetual. 

So I ask, what is a better cost-benefit trade-off?  Spend $10 billion per annum or testing and lockdowns, or build some additional hospitals (for less than $10 billion) and set the people and the economy free?

Rational humans long ago gave up on the ambition to control the tides and reverse the spin of the earth. Unfortunately, our governments have instead taken up this challenge.   

With a federal election looming, citizens should give serious consideration to whether future Australian governments will similarly try to control the uncontrollable and declare climate change a health emergency thus will forcibly lock-down until 70-80% of Australians reduce their energy consumption or go renewable, cease eating meat — or whatever. 

Stephen Spartacus regularly writes at Sparty’s Cast.

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