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Funny how climate activists don’t seem to know how the climate works

11 August 2021

5:04 PM

11 August 2021

5:04 PM

If you listen to this week’s IPCC’s report launched in Glasgow (and to the hysterical activists burning prams outside Australia’s Parliament), it’s a climate emergency — but where’s the emergency brake? You know, the one with the glass cover and the little hammer on a chain? How telling it is that climate activists don’t seem to know how the climate works.   

Climate changes slowly, you boofheads. “It’s really an average pattern of weather for a particular region, usually taken over 30 years,” according to NASA. The phrase ‘climate emergency’ is an oxymoron (how apt). 

Climate doesn’t do “quick”. And that’s one reason most people are oblivious to changing climate. They can’t see the emergency, even if bashed over the head with bushfire footage which looks very much like all previous bushfire footage seen on TV since TV began.  

The more loudly President Biden and his colleagues trying to “build back better” cry “Wolf!”, the less credible they sound. They are like firemen rushing around with hoses looking to extinguish fires. And all they find is Extinction Rebellion folk glued to the wall. Or street. But not on fire. Unless their street theatre goes wrong.

The bottom line from this latest report is unsurprising, as Graham Lloyd writes in The Australian: “Scientists at the frontline of studying climate change are more convinced than ever that rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have a direct relationship to rising surface temperatures averaged across the world.”

Well, they may be more convinced, but it seems these scientists still have not been able to show that it is so. I’m pretty convinced otherwise. 

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