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Pfizer: 100 per cent effective against the Tinfoil Twins

12 July 2021

2:00 PM

12 July 2021

2:00 PM

That paragon of journalistic impartiality Laura Tingle had a long and detailed report yesterday on how Kevin Rudd heroically intervened to bring forward Australian supplies of Pfizer.

So glowing, indeed, were the contents, and such was the tale they told, that one might have been forgiven for thinking they’d come from sources close to Rudd; such as his mouth.

Mark Latham wryly Tweeted “Has Kevin Rudd leaked another story to make him appear heroic? He’s been doing that since 1993. So at least he’s consistent.”

A certain miserable ghost — Malcolm Turnbull — was far less cynical. He replied “Thank you @MrKRudd for speaking to the Chairman of Pfizer to secure an earlier delivery of vaccines. Staggered the vaccination of Australians was apparently not important enough to warrant a call from @ScottMorrisonMP or @GregHuntMP to the Pfizer boss.”

And so the love media rejoiced.

But Pfizer? So many of the reports lambasting Morrison and lauding Rudd and Turnbull didn’t appear to mention them at all, but then they came out with a comment of their own; a doozy:

So while there’s some concerns over their coronavirus vaccine’s efficacy, we can say this with certainty: Pfizer is deadly to the Tinfoil Twins.

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