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WA's Mark McGowan lets the COVID cat out of the bag

11 January 2021

2:41 PM

11 January 2021

2:41 PM

Fresh from the Oz:

Western Australian premier Mark McGowan has called on NSW to fall in line with the other states and territories and join the rest of the country in pursuing the elimination of COVID-19.

Mr McGowan on Monday morning said NSW’s approach of suppression, rather than elimination, was at odds with the efforts of other jurisdictions.

Finally. Someone in political high office has formally declared that the strategy of every Australian state (and territory?) is to pursue Covid elimination.

It takes a lot of courage to ask for the WA Government to demand that the NSW government to turn off the engine room of the Australian economy. But it’s cheap courage.

Yes.WA’s economy is going swimmingly now because of iron ore exports. Long may this last. However, there was a time, a very long time not very long ago, that WA was a net recipient of transfers from the other states, with NSW and Victoria and (occasionally previously Queensland) being net contributors. Yet which state is particularly vocal about it being a net transferor now?

It’s also cheap politics. McGowan also says:

I just urge the NSW govt and people in NSW to look outside NSW at what other states and territories are doing in order to crush and kill the virus. That’s a better approach.

Okey dokey. But NSW’s Covid infections also come from being the recipient of most of the overseas repatriations of Australian citizens/residents. These include Western Australians who then transit back to WA once they have served their time in quarantine in NSW.

This is cheap populist politics at its worst. No doubt it will get McGowan reelected come March.

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