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Today’s cold-blooded political animals are solar-powered

12 January 2021

5:35 PM

12 January 2021

5:35 PM

Now that it’s high summer, you might see a lizard, sunning itself on a rock. Lizards don’t just get their energy from food, but also from the sun. Humans are warm-blooded creatures who generally get their energy from food, not solar-power. However, there are some cold-blooded creatures amongst us.  

In the New South Wales parliament, the summer started with Environment Minister Matt Keane who, with little public warning and possibility of public debate, passing legislation for net zero emissions in NSW. This committed public funds—our money—to benefit green spiv renewable funds. 

Bankers, lobbyists and Liberal moderate politicians have realised that the public will not only accept this, but actually thank them for it. Thank them for making power expensive and making them richer. 

In a recent public statement, Keane was been positively evangelical about the need for the Liberal party to support renewable energy. But there were some very strange things that went along with this. He did not seem across some basic facts about renewables. 

Does Minister Keane realise that if the amount of money we have spent in Australia on solar (large scale photovoltaics), which now creates only 2% of total electricity production, if spent on High-Energy Low-Emissions power plants, could have replaced about 50% of electricity production with HELE’s low-emission, hyper-cheap and hyper-reliable power-generation? He said he was not aware of this data. However it is publicly available in the Federal Government’s Annual Energy Update, the most basic of data for an energy minister to understand. This suggests some cold-blooded calculations going on. 

Does Keane realise that worldwide over 2,000 HELE coal powerplants are operated at present, or are in the development pipeline worldwideand mostly in our geographic region? Or to translate, does he realise that Indo-Pacific nations, such as India and China, are investing in this cheap power generation, much of which is fuelled by Australian coal, to electrify a manufacturing powerhouse boom? Whilst at the very same time making any of our ‘clean’ energy commitments meaningless? Oddly, he seems not to have considered this in calculations.  

Why is Minister Keane in public critical of energy entrepreneur Trevor St Baker as someone benefiting from these changes? St Baker bought one of NSW’s coal-fired power-stations for a mere $1 million now valued at over $700m  but because the state Liberal government was selling it. This is actually a story about the impropriety of actions of those in state government, in charge of our energy policy. It appears the NSW Liberal government classified the Vales Point power station as ‘worn out’ so it could be replaced, when it was worth alot more than that. Why would they do this? About $700m of public money thrown away. It appears they want to make us pay for a hugely more expensive and inefficient solar energy plants and their power — while ordinary electors have no choice but to pay for it.  

Here we reach the intersection of incompetence and impropriety.  

 Many members of the political and media class of New South Wales are also aware of speculation surrounding factional ideological and personal alliances, astroturfing, and a revolving door between parliaments and plush corporate suites of high paid, high powered consultancy and lobbying roles. Mark Latham has alleged on Twitter a NSW Liberal MP told him that Kean’s net zero legislation “is really about setting up the finances of the Moderate Faction, on a permanent basis”. These cold-blooded animals are indeed solar-powered.  

The most serpentine are the green spiv renewables funds. They are profiting by moving us to expensive, unreliable power. Here is their simple 3-step formula.  

  1. Replace-plants. Our coal plants are being torn down so that we have to build new power plants. The more money it costs us to build them, the more the GSRFs get as their cut (as their fees are a proportion of the funds they arranged). For the GRSFs, the more expensive these plants, the better. 
  2. Push-up prices. These expensive solar-power plants also make more expensive and unreliable electricity, and Aussies have no choice but to pay. For the GRSFs the margin gets juicer, on this higher amounts as electricity becomes more expensive.
  3. Privatise -plants. Next, governments tend to sell the asset to private investors. Investment banks love energy investments because it is very low risk. It is not hard to know that people will buy electricity. Often, these deals are protected even further from risk by government-guarantees. So the funds they arrange to buy these investments are comparatively cheap and then they get access to those juicy margins these new ritzy and expensive plants they have funded us to build.  

Replace plants. Push-up prices. Privatise production. That’s the GSRF formula. 

For us, it means extraordinarily expensive—and unreliable—electricity. For them, the merchant bankers and their allies, it means easy and growing money whilst doing very little. They are simply taking from us. It’s not unlike the energy a lizard gets from sitting on a rock.   

It is cold-blooded. They are being predatory to our polity.  

There are clear alternatives to solar-power. HELE Coal-fire is very popular elsewhere and makes a lot of sense with all the coal we export. Highly-efficient nuclear power, is also an obvious option. But these are too efficient and cheap to benefit these serpentine predators. 

Now, there’s another feature of serpents. As we are told in the Bible, they tend to twist words–they make bad seem good, and good seem bad. This move to change our electricity production is moving our politics into dangerous territory, where a woke-elite alliance  obscures poor policy. The financial-elite profit, while the woke-brigade power their political arguments into the mainstream. The woke-brigade even shaming and standing-over normal people who question it and the financial-elite who profit from it. While the financial-elite are profiteering from us, we are supposed to say ‘thank you’. The woke-elite alliance is doing bad and calling it good.  

Expect to see plenty even more ritzy Range Rovers cruising around Sydney with ‘Stop Adani’ bumper-stickers.  

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