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Those small-l liberals and their ABC

23 November 2020

5:49 PM

23 November 2020

5:49 PM

In his recent appearance on Insiders, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull vehemently declared that:

The Guardian is an avowedly, small-l liberal, left of centre publication.

Small-l liberal. Right.

Dear Malcolm, former Liberal prime minister and twice leader of the Liberal Party also said:

And one of the best things I’ve ever done in the media business, and I’ve had a lot to do with it over the years as you know, was to encourage the formation of the Guardian Australia.

The Guardian that is with Lenore Taylor and Katherine “Murpharoo” Murphy.

Well, get this. ALP frontbencher Tania Plibersek recently launched:

[A] collection of essays from many of the fixtures of the left called Upturn: A Better Normal After COVID-19.

One of the contributors to the collection, possibly to be known as Albo’s Manifesto, was one small l-liberal Lenore Taylor. And what is this book of essays:

The book, which includes contributions from union leader Sally McManus, journalist Lenore Taylor and economist Ross Garnaut, is presented as a road map for Labor’s return to power federally.

So… A journalist who, claims neutrality and balance and according to a former Liberal Prime Minister, is a small l liberal has contributed to a book which is a road map for Labor’s return to power federally.


Maybe the finances are tight at the Guardian and Taylor is auditioning for a position at the ABC. She spends enough time on the Insiders couch. Maybe there is a move to make it permanent.

Perhaps there is a job swap on offer with the other Turnbullian small l-liberals at the ABC: Patricia Karvelas, Virginia Triolli, Fran Kelly…

Good thing the small-l Liberal National Government is right onto this.

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