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The Greens don’t have a prayer of getting away with their hypocrisy on church numbers

21 October 2020

1:44 PM

21 October 2020

1:44 PM

Nothing makes Leftist heads explode like Christian leaders who venture an opinion outside the four walls of the church.

So when Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston dared to question government restrictions on church services, NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge was immediately triggered.

“Brian Houston from Hillsong is once again trying to pressure the Liberal Party to deliver for his church. This time by easing coronavirus restrictions to allow hundreds to repeatedly mingle together in his churches. Let’s hope science trumps faith,” the self-described social justice activist tweeted.

This is the same Greens MP who ignored health advice and marched through the streets of Sydney with 20,000 Black Lives Matter protesters in June.

This is the same Greens MP who ignored health advice and visited a remote indigenous community just two days after the BLM march, much to the dismay of indigenous leaders who claimed he was putting lives in danger. 

And this is the same Greens MP who said not a word when, in July, the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque in Sydney’s west was given permission to host 400 worshippers.

But when the leader of Australia’s largest Christian Church suggested health restrictions might be eased for churches, the Greens MP was suddenly more concerned about public health than Florence Nightingale. 

“Let’s hope science trumps faith,” he tweeted, to the delight of his followers who loved that he had created a false dichotomy between science and faith whilst managing to get “trump” in there as an added bonus.

But Shoebridge didn’t explain the “science” that says it is safe from December 1 for 300 guests to attend a wedding but not a church service.

Shoebridge didn’t explain the “science” that says it is safe for Hillsong’s 4000 seat auditorium to have 100 people but not 200 or 500 or 1500 people.

Nor did he explain the “science” behind rules in NSW that allow entertainment venues, including theatres and concert halls, to have a capacity of 50% while churches must have no more than 100 people no matter the size of the building. 

Shoebridge didn’t explain the science because he couldn’t. There is no science behind these arbitrary rules.

At best, Christian churches have been forgotten by politicians seeking to ease Covid-19 restrictions. At worst, Christian churches are being discriminated against. 

And Shoebridge’s assertion that churches wanting to open were acting unreasonably because, you know, “faith”, was nothing but a cheap caricature of the Christian community. 

Pastor Houston said on Monday: “Churches can be trusted to abide by the rules, as we have done every step of the way. We are all committed to keeping people safe, but it seems churches are not even being considered for steadily relaxing restrictions.”

Unlike the BLM protests Shoebridge supported, Houston said he was committed to obeying the law.

And unlike the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque that Shoebridge supported, Hillsong was not asking for any special exemption from restrictions.

Houston was simply asking to be held to the same standard as other venues that host gatherings.

This wasn’t about “faith” so much as fairness; fairness that the Greens love to go on and on about, unless it’s got to do with the church.

Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glen Davies said yesterday he had discussed “inconsistencies” in Covid-19 rules with the NSW Health Minister and and revised guidelines for churches have been released today.

But Shoebridge complained “Brian Houston from Hillsong is once again trying to pressure the Liberal Party to deliver for his church”, as if a citizen asking his elected representatives for help was somehow sinister.

Perhaps Shoebridge considers Christians to be second class citizens.

Or maybe Shoebridge is just miffed that a bunch of happy clappers in Sydney’s west attract twice as many people every Sunday as the Greens have members nationally.

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