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How the Grey Lady went dark on Victorians’ civil rights

16 October 2020

9:13 PM

16 October 2020

9:13 PM

If you’re one of the five million people chafing under the Victorian governments unreasonable, unjustified and irrational restrictions at the moment, you might like to know that you’re now a matter of international curiosity.

We said curiosity. Not importance. Not even significance. No one cares about your collapsed business, the fact that you can’t take the 10 minute drive to visit that dying parent or friend who lives 250 metres outside your five-kilometre travel zone, the fact that you can’t get proper healthcare or whatever or the consequences for those children who have spent more than half the school year on remote learning.

Not at all.

But you have become a curiosity for well-heeled Manhattanites as they eat their egg-white omelettes and follow whatever bizarre stick that up there routines Gwenneth Paltrow has declared will align their chakras this morning.

You see, the New York Times has decided to feature you as a curio today.

The Grey Lady once promised: “All the news that’s fit to print”. Now it’s “All the news that fits a woke agenda”.

And so, the NYT has decided to feature Victorians in a bizarre little newsletter with all the condescension and lack of real concern for reality it once might have featured 150 years ago in a piece on the head-shrinking tribes of Papau New Guinea.

The Grey Lady had become a handmaid of the Cult of Dan to rival Bad Madman, sorry, Van Badham.

Bugger your financial or employment status. Bugger your mental health. Bugger your children’s wasted education. Bugger everything.

The NYT has decided it’s a wonderful thing that a hunchbacked faction hack with no real life experience who has starved himself half to death on the instructions of his spin doctors to look vaguely presentable has turned out for 100+ days to spread ten dozen Botanic Gardens worth of manure disguised as accountability.

So, the challenge is — how do we give these patronising outsiders a reality check? How to we tell them what’s really going on?

Our suggestion is simple, particularly given that the Coate inquiry into the hotel quarantine fiasco has been recalled to for further, unexpected hearings next week: Dear NYT. A memo, if you please, from The Spectator Australia — Your hero, Daniel Andrews, has been walking on the third rail.



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