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Bandit Bandt’s back to his bad old ways

14 April 2020

5:21 PM

14 April 2020

5:21 PM

Well, that didn’t last long.

You’ll recall our tale of our Easter miracle, the email sent to Greens supporters by Adam Bandt that didn’t suggest a donation to the party could cure coronavirus (or something similar, anyway).

Alas, Bandit Band is back to his bad old ways. Here’s his latest missive, fresh off the email.

It began innocuously enough – though there were signs of what was to come:

And then the stick-up kid struck:

The rest was just the usual Greens lies and whinging about being the underdogs:

All that while the latest Australian Electoral Commission data shows that the biggest source of funding for the Greens is gambling, as Business Insider reported just back in February:

Reclusive mathematician and high-end gambler Duncan Turpie, understood to be part of the secretive Punters Club with MONA founder David Walsh, donated another $545,000 to the Greens around the country.

So, what do we conclude?

Our guess is that some poor intern in Bandit Bandt’s office — paid as much or worse as a Richard Di Natale au pair — forgot to use the automatic begging template when generating last week’s email.

They presumably were booted out the door to join the junkies on the Johnson/Brunswick Street Fitzroy corner where the Bandit has his office and has been replaced by yet another slave; one, going by his or her lack of understanding of the use of capitals, has had exactly the sort of progressive education the Greens support.

Oh, the humanity.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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