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Won’t somebody please think of the Instagram influencers?

25 March 2020

1:37 PM

25 March 2020

1:37 PM

We are reliably informed by News.com.au that travel influencers — sorry, glamourous travel influencers — say that coronavirus is ‘impacting income massively’. 

I’m not sure which makes me weep more, the plight facing these sun-bathed essential service workers or their horrific butchering of the English language.  

But let’s continue without digression. 

Essentially, their difficulty stems from the fact that extensive travel bans mean they can’t travel around the world and get stuff for free. And they can call themselves photographers or models or world citizens – or whatever other BS inane term makes them feel superficially legit – but let’s not pretend they’re anything other than freeloaders with smartphones.  

I hate to pop their implants but this is a tough time for Australia and the world. We have seen extensive lay-offs in many industries, particularly hospitality, and plenty of people are suffering. These people have to pay rent, feed families, and try not to get sick – and preferably, not die. Let’s not even get to on to businesses who often have the added pressure of commercial lending, staff and evaporating revenue streams. 

And I hope while they were all #treatyoself and #yolo and #livingmybestlife they were saving some money for a rainy day. You know, it’s hard to filter poverty out of Instagram pics. If not, welcome back to the world with the rest of us great unfiltered who are busily working out how to hold our lives together.  

On the upside, those who were smart enough to return to Australia can continue to not have a real job and line up at Centrelink –- for free. We can stick a palm tree and a beach umbrella out the front to make them feel at home. Objectively speaking, their newfound situation has the same level of practical effort as what they’re used to, just with a less buoyant bank account. 

So, dah-lings, you’ll just have to get over the *gasp* tragedy of the fact you can’t make some lazy coin laying on a beach in the Maldives wearing two band-aids and a cork. You might have to lift. It might make you genuinely #grateful. 

Caroline Di Russo is a lawyer, businesswomen and unrepentant nerd.

Illustrations: Instagram/Twitter.

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